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bigcountry 03-15-2009 05:28 AM

RE: The itch....


How about you guys argue about this in your own threads, K?

I am not being "elitist" or judging anyone- only re-evaluating why *I* wanted to bowhunt in the first place- I set no parameters for anyone but myself.

I got sick of killing deer at one point. Did not enjoy hunting cos every gun season it was nothing for me to kill 8 to 10 deer. I basically did give up deer hunting and concentrated on birds and waterfowl, but my interest in hunting overall just left. Bowhunting allowed me to challenge myself more, shoot year round (for less cost!), and put the emphasis back on the hunting, instead of the killing.

Modern bowhunting is far different than when I started.

I guess I'm mostly just bummed out with how commercial hunting has become. All the manufacturers BS, marketing wars, stupid TV shows & infommercials, "celebrities" and wannabe celebrities, "pro hunters", "pro staff", record book deer, QDM , crook outfitters.....its more like NASCAR or Wrestling these days. It's big business designed to suck you dry $-wise-a constant cycle every year like computers-your eqipment is "outdated" 6 months after you buy it-

The Traditional side of the sport is quite the opposite and has always been more aligned to how I feel about bowhunting than the modern side.
Well, honestly Jeff, there is nothing of technical nature in this post. So, honestly, its probably the wrong place.

But back to thread. Everytime I take out my longbow, its a huge thrill. And if I succeed, its much larger thrill than with a compound. And if I ever get to kill with a bow and arrow I made, that will be the ultimate for me. If I can ever keep one together long enough to finish a season.[8D] I will be straight with ya, every year, I break down and take out my compound. And always regret it. Last year, I waited patiently for 2 months with my various recurves/longbows, and nothing with horns came within 25 yards of me. I saw monsters at 30-35 yards. So Nov. 3rd rolled along and I took out my compound, and guess what, a nice large 6 rolls right under me at 5 yards. Perfect trad shot. I let him walk. But I should have stuck with for rut.

Honestly most people that have switched will agree. Trad folks are a totally different type of people. I rarely see folks argureing. Go to tradgang, primitive archer, paleoplanet, tradtalk, and you generally won't see the huge egos. I know of only one guy on tradgang, who is a top notch self bowyer, who has a huge ego. But the guy brings it, and generally only argues with other 20+ year bowyers.

I say go for it.

N2D 03-15-2009 07:52 AM

RE: The itch....
That would probably be my luck Big Country. Only difference I most likely would have taken the shot just for victory sake.


JOE PA 03-15-2009 08:15 AM

RE: The itch....
I have tried with months of effort a few times. On the good days, I think "I'll put away the compounds for good." How much fun is it to get angry over a 3" group at 30 yards anyway? Then a day or two later, I'm so bad that I wouldn't consider hunting with a trad bow.:(

My 14 yr. old has always had the knack of shooting without sights, and he really enjoys it. This summer, I am helping him build a flatbow with a nice piece of bamboo. Gotta keep him trying this while he is young so he can develop the skill that his old man doesn't have.;)

bigcountry 03-15-2009 09:41 AM

RE: The itch....


That would probably be my luck Big Country. Only difference I most likely would have taken the shot just for victory sake.

Well, its tempting no doubt. But I have felt that sick feeling of slinging an arrow and seeing a poor hit. And that sucks. Knowing you might not find the deer, or you might take up the whole afternoon, or the deer might cross into private property, etc. I hate that feeling.

JeffB 03-15-2009 06:43 PM

RE: The itch....
Yeah, sorry guys- I meant to post this in the Bowhunting forum.

Doegirl75 03-15-2009 10:56 PM

RE: The itch....
Well I'm fast falling in love with my '72 Grizzly I recently acquired. I can't go to the range without it. One thing I've learned with shooting stickbows is to enjoy the taste of humble pie:D. I have not shot past 15yds with that bow, but right now, until my form is more consistent, there's no reason to.
In the right hands, trad equipment is very effective and deadly. Cape buffalo and other dangerous gamehave fallen to stickbows that have less KE than my 54lb Bowtech. I can't wait for the time when I'm good enough to hit the woods with my recurve:)

killzonearchery 03-29-2009 09:23 PM

RE: The itch....
A longbow is a challange and if u can hit somthing with it, then u have accomplished somthing that is more then with a compound

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