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upgrade or not

Old 04-05-2003, 08:53 AM
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Default upgrade or not

Im currently shooting a 2001 mq1, and love it. I have been seriously looking at the new lx and have not convinced myself that upgrading is all its made out to be. Is it worth it to upgrade to the lx and all the harmonic dampners etc. I dont see a great gain of speed or ke from the new bow. Just what are the good and bad I would get out of a new bow. thanks.....Mitch
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Old 04-05-2003, 09:44 AM
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Default RE: upgrade or not

The only reason I can see for ugrading, is if the new bow offers you something you don' t already have. Then you have to decide if it' s significant enough to justify the cost. So, the question is, just what does this new bow offer you? Like you say, there isn' t much increase in speed and I' m quite sure they are similar in the area of accuracy. Neither is loud and there is not much difference in ATA length.

I can think of a few reasons I might upgrade, but only to a bow that offered something quite different from what I already had. One would be if I was looking for a much higher brace height, or a lot more speed, or maybe even a much longer or shorter bow. If you keep a bow for 8-10 years, technological advances will probably justify an upgrade to almost any bow. Sometimes an upgrade is justified by something as simple as money that' s burning a hole in my pocket.
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Old 04-05-2003, 04:13 PM
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Default RE: upgrade or not

If Its Not Broke Why Fix It!
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Default RE: upgrade or not

It' s hard to ignore the hype of a new bow. It took me six years to finally part with enough money to buy a NEW primary bow. My Z-light still shoots good and I had a hard time justifying it. I finally got tired of wanting and did it. Now if it was a 2001 like yours, I' d wait and spend that money elsewhere.
$600.00+ could be a hunt of a lifetime on a manged ranch in your area.
Or new tires for the truck.
Or invested until the bow you just have to have comes out, then withdrawl the $$ with interest or earnings.

Like straight arrow allready pointed out. The diffences are just not there to justify the spending on a new LX, that is unless you' ve got money to spare. Then by all means, spend away!!
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Default RE: upgrade or not

I agree with the others.
IMO the bow you have now is a better bow than the LX.
I have seen all the hype but to be honest I can not get excited over limb pockets
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Default RE: upgrade or not

Same as ausie the bow you have is better than what they are putting out now .I dont like the cabel rollers on the new mathews or their new no valley cams . q2 and mq1 are excellent bows IMO , plus muzzy zerro effect works great on either one .
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