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a little help

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Default a little help

relatively new to bow hunting only 2 yrs any way im using a hoyt mt with cam and 1/2set at29 inch draw weight is 72.
my question is last year i was using 34 inch easton game getter arrows with a 125 grn broadhead for a total arrow weight of 580 grns.
this year after listening to my freind giving me a hard time about using baseball bats as arrows i got some carbon 340 arrow cut to 27 inches and using 100 grn broadheads total arrow weight around 340 grns. yes it does shot alot faster and flatter and i was impressed. but i am worried if it is to light i mean how light can you go before you are essentualy drie firing your bow let me now what you think and thanks in advanced.

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Default RE: a little help

weight is 72
total arrow weight around 340 grns
For your draw weight you are too light now you are under the min 5gr/lb

If you want to stick to min weight your arrow should be 360gr for your current draw weight.

Personally I would have stuck with the heavier arrow as they will pack more punch when they hit.
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Default RE: a little help

Most of the modern bows coming out are warrantied down to 5 grains of arrow weight per pound of draw weight (360 grain arrow @ 72# draw). To me that sounds ludicrously light (and you wonder why you hear so much about limb issues?) Used to be that the benchmark minimum was 6 grains per pound. You could put a 125 grain head on those .340 shafts and probably still be fine with the spine and you'd gain some FOC, you'd also be above 5 gpp (although just barely).
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Default RE: a little help

That MT Sport has a magnesium riser and I believe, but not with 100% certainty, that minimum arrow weight was 6 grains per pound. I owned one about 3 years ago and recall something to that effect.
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Default RE: a little help

thanks heck you dont know if you dont ask right. bought a little heavier arrows tonight and also got them a inch longer. went home and shot it im ready for dear season.
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