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Soilarch 05-10-2008 12:37 AM

Arrow shaft suggestions
Alright school's out. And due to well-meaning roommate I'm down to three Excel 340s. I'm looking at lower priced arrows to replace them. May just replace with the same ones. Here's the rundown on my set.

'07 Bengal 74#
Drop away rest
Easton Excel 340s
27.25" raw shaft 27 5/8" nock groove-to-insert
125 heads (may reconsider this...BUT my FOC right now is 11.5% don't want to go lower)
Been running 3 blazers

Would like to try 4 blazers, 4 mini blazers, 3" feathers, rayzor feathers (3 and 4), and even FOBs before it's done. It'll be a fun summer!:D

The 340 excels are 9.5gr/inch. Don't want to go heavier as my total arrow weight is right around 435gr. I'm old-school enough that I'm very comfortable with that, especially since these new bows make 74# a breeze!

Suggestions? All I need is cut-to-length and inserts put it. So I really don't want to spend $80/dozen. (I'd rather spend my money "playing" with fletchings[8D] )

Roskoe 05-10-2008 05:17 PM

RE: Arrow shaft suggestions
I personally think the Excels are about the best medium priced arrow out there. The Blackhawk Vapors are also worth considering, but they are also a little lighter. I hope you have fun playing with various fletching options. I have as well, but keep coming back to the 2" Blazers.

OHbowhntr 05-12-2008 08:18 AM

RE: Arrow shaft suggestions
If you don't want to break the bank, and you want something durable that still hits a near perfect spine match for your set-up, a Cabela's Carbon Stalker Extreme 55/70 w/ a 125 grain head will hit perfect on my OT2 spine selector. I shoot these in a 65/80 at 29.5" out of all 3 of my bows (a bit overspined for my 60#'er), but they shoot very well, I've RH'd half a dozen of them which lends it self to their consistency. But for $52/dozen raw shafts and $60/doz. cheaply fletched, you can't beat the price. I personally call the pro-shop and order them from the store, that way the actually get to me quicker, and are already cut for the same price. I've bought over 4 dozen of these arrow in the last several years, and still have close to 3 dozen after probably 3 dozen left. Get on Cabela's website, and read the reviews people have posted on them. Probably the BEST arrow for your $$$$ or mine I can find. By the spec's, it's basically and old Beman Hunter ICS at about $15-20 cheaper per dozen. A 27.5" 55/70 should give you and arrow weight right around 400gr with a 125gr head, +/- 10gr. depending on fletching, with and FOC around 12.5%.

Soilarch 05-12-2008 06:47 PM

RE: Arrow shaft suggestions
Thanks guys, looks like I'll start hunting for a deal on the Excels or take a leap and try the Cabelas. OHbowhntr, I really appreciate you running my setup through OnTarget for me. I keep meaning to get it but my main comp. is a Mac and I've yet to "clear" off all the junk on my old PC laptop. 400gr sounds good. I like gaining 1% in FOC too. I had read the reviews on them before but was still leary of them. If they're good enough for a guy who's familiar with OT2 I may just give 'em a go.


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