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Grndzer 12-13-2002 12:33 PM

Whats it worth
I got a Cybertec and I am thinking of putting it on ebay. But how much value does archery equipment hold? what is it worth? how much should I knock off of original price? 15% 20%?

2002 cybertec

New Cam and Idler now versa cam 2 had versa cam 3

Winners Choice two color string and cable

Sure-Loc Challenger With Hunter Pin Kit

Quicktune 3000

Doinker Power Bar

3555 3d pro Arrows



Dog Leg Cable Guard Slide.

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Grndzer 12-13-2002 10:04 PM

RE: Whats it worth
anyone? <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

tm 12-14-2002 07:38 AM

RE: Whats it worth
Do a search on the completed auctions, that'll give you an idea. You'll do better by splitting it up and selling the sight, & arrows on seperate auctions. Another thing to consider is your feedback rating, if it's low you might not get as much. Also on Ebay you need to be real honest on the condition and list any defects such as paint chips, scratches etc.
There's enough difference in new price at different shops it's hard to give you a figure.

sdzumbro 12-14-2002 02:21 PM

RE: Whats it worth
I sold my Cybertec for around $400 , but that was in the summer . I've seen new ones (2002) in shops for $450 - $475 . I just sold a 2002 Ultratec last week for $400 also ( making room for my 2003 UT ).
If you sell on the web you'll probably do better to split the package
up , but if you take it to a shop to sell on consignment you might be better of leaving everything on it .
Hope that helps

bloodtrail1 12-14-2002 09:32 PM

RE: Whats it worth
I seen it on ebay last night! I sold my 2002 cybertec on ebay a month and a half ago with a rest, stabilizer, custom string for $400.00 With your setup, I would have sold the bow along with a couple goodies. Then sold the sure-loc and rest seperate maybe. But who knows, if you get your reserve selling the complete package thats great! Good luck! Are you going to a 2003 Hoyt?????

Grndzer 12-14-2002 10:00 PM

RE: Whats it worth
I have a 02 cybertec and an 02 ultratec flame and I am selling them both and getting a 03 ultratec. I planned to sell the cybertec whole setup and get new all new. I thought 700.00 was a good price but I guess its not. If I dont get my reserve I will post the cybertec with the rest and the Ultratec with the stabilizer and hope for 400ish.

The bad thing is I got upsidedown on the cybertec cause of the cam swap that cost me 80.00 and the wc string a cable was about 80.00 too This upgrade did not add any value when I thought it would.

Grndzer 12-14-2002 10:03 PM

RE: Whats it worth
By the way thanks for the info.

bloodtrail1 12-14-2002 10:16 PM

RE: Whats it worth
$700.00 for the whole package is a good price for someone looking for exactly what your selling. You would think someone out there would snap it up! But I know from past ebay selling/buying Ive done, its easier to sell by parting it out! I once bought off ebay a MQ-1 setup and then turned around and put it all back on ebay seperate auctions and ended up after ebay fees and all making a $100 bill! I wish Hoyt would stop coming out each year with better bows! I thought my 2002 Cybertec was going to last me a couple years at least! Till I shot the 2003's! Then I HAD to buy the Razortec! :)

bloodtrail1 12-14-2002 10:19 PM

RE: Whats it worth
Hey Grndzer: On that cybertec, the winners choice string. Did the winners choice buss cable come like the factory buss cable with the self aligning yoke system? Or was it a typical split yoke setup? How did you like the string as compared with factory string? Did you get more speed out of it?

Grndzer 12-14-2002 10:30 PM

RE: Whats it worth
As far as the winners choice goes no doubt I will buy again. The string and cables are only 5 months old but in that time there was 0 creep the peep never moved. It had a split yoak that was split at the colors yellow went one way brown went the other. I know this is the least important thing but they look damn good too.

Grndzer 12-14-2002 10:36 PM

RE: Whats it worth
O speed we forgot that subject, yea well I had

Stockstrings - versacam 3 dt idler 5 28.5 draw- 287fps 70#

WC stings - versacam 2 dt idler 4 28.5 draw - 292fps 65#

as you can see it got quite a bit faster and at a lower poundage. I always shoot 5gr per by the way.

bloodtrail1 12-14-2002 10:40 PM

RE: Whats it worth
More speed, less poundage...Thats great! I am looking foward to getting a better string on the razortec!! Thanks for the info!

Grndzer 12-14-2002 11:02 PM

RE: Whats it worth
Just keep one thing in mind, changing from versacam 3 to 2 lowered my brace height about a 1/8th of an inch I dont know how much of a factor this played. But I would make the investment even if I didnt gain any just for the no stretch feature.

Grndzer 12-16-2002 03:35 PM

RE: Whats it worth
Well, I have decided to take your advice and sell the bow only, as a matter of fact I have my 02 cybertec and 02 ultratec both in my local pro shop right now for 400.00 I dont think I will relist them on ebay until tax time.

Thanks for the advice.

bloodtrail1 12-16-2002 08:29 PM

RE: Whats it worth
Grndzer: Another good thing to do would be to list it on the free classified archery sites on the web! I listed my 2002 cybertec on three free sites the same time as it was on ebay. I sold it on ebay, but in the following 3-4 weeks I had received abouts 10 emails from people interested! But bow had sold! I could have sold it that way and saved myself the ebay fees! Id give the free classifieds a try! Good Luck!

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