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Fork Horn
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Default Peep sight? Should I use one or not?

OK, the last piece to the puzzle. A peep sight, should I use one or not? What do you all think. Positives/Negatives
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Default RE: Peep sight? Should I use one or not?

I haven't used a peep for years and never will again. I'm a hunter who doesn't care if my target shooting improves because of a peep.

If you have the ability to shoot a peep with both eyes open, some of the negatives aren't as bad. If you close one eye, I can't recommend shooting one. In this case, there is no doubt that a peep obstructs a part of your sight picture. It also cuts down on light - even if it has a large hole. When hunting, I want to see the whole animal in the best light possible. I also want to clearly see twigs or other potential obsticles that may be obscured by a peep.

A peep also has the potential to cause problems. It can twist, break, clog with water ice or snow. It may even move slightly up or down the string - just more things to go wrong in the field. In my opinion there are enough potential problems that can happen while hunting. I prefer to cut down on these as much as possible.

As for accuracy, a peep will allow more accurate shooting. However, if you practice a lot getting consistant anchors, the difference is not all that great. I usually finish in the top 3 in my winter league of about 90 shooters. This means that I'm certainly not an elite shooter, but that I can shoot more than well enough to take any animal within normal hunting distances.

My goal is to kill animals, not to add up points in a contest. I believe that not shooting with a peep has increased my odds of success. I'm sure you'll hear from others who think different. After all, I'm sure that over 90% of all hunters use peeps.
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Peep sight? Should I use one or not?

I've been using a peep for about all of my 33 years of shooting, both target, 3D and hunting. I use a larger one for hunting, usually about 1/4". At times I've practiced without one and can hold 3" groups out to 30 yards without a peep. I just have to adjust the sight some as I anchor differently without it.

A peep will definitely cut down on the amount of light getting to your eye, but as I get older I find that I don't hunt as late as I once did. When it gets dark enough that I can't tell a spike from a doe at 20 yards it's time to leave the tree, and I can still see my pins and usually the deer beyond it.

That being said, for about $5 I'd put one on the bow and try it if you haven't already. Give it some time for you to adjust to a new gadget. If ya like it then keep it. If not then take it off. It's really a simple decision.
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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: Peep sight? Should I use one or not?

For target definitely.

For hunting not me.
Especially if you hunt from dark on the inside ground blinds.
Disclaimer- I am not now, nor ever have been a paid bow technician, any advice given is just my opinion.

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Default RE: Peep sight? Should I use one or not?

Depends on how accurate you want to be, how much practice you get and how good your form is.

You could also use a No Peep by timber line.

I can shoot plenty well enough to hunt without a peep, but I'm more accurate with one and I used to shoot a lot before I moved into a trailer court. So I use a peep sight.

If I were setting up a bow to strictly hunt with at 25 yards and in I would not use a peep sight. If you don't have very good form or consistant anchor points though you will have a heck of time staying on target. It for sure requires more practice.

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Fork Horn
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Default RE: Peep sight? Should I use one or not?

You have to decide which learning curve you want to take. With a peep, you will shoot better faster and may have a long wonderful archery life. You may also end up with sad missed oppotunity stories because your peep twisted, fell out, too dark out to see, tubing broke, peep slid down/up, etc, etc.
Without a peep you will take longer to become a good shot because your anchor points are more important than your eye. You must learn proper form without shortcuts, with and without hunting clothes. And then hope to remember it all when buck fever hits. I am a sorry sack, though. I have a bow with and one without.
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Default RE: Peep sight? Should I use one or not?

If I were only shooting to 20 yards or so I might consider not using a peep. But I shoot out to 40+ yards and want the added accuracy.

I also sometimes shoot circuit and want that extra bit of confidence as my forms begins to wear down after a lot day of shooting.

Peeps are cheap and are worth a try.

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Default RE: Peep sight? Should I use one or not?

Peeps for me, I need all the accuracy advantage I can get. It may limit your low-light hunting opportunity, but....It will extend you accurate shot distance, and gives you a longer axis to aim upon, therefore making you more accurate in general. Similar to the difference in sight set up's between a pistol and a rifle, IMO. I think starting with the peep at a minimum would be best, then adjust your plan as you feel the need to alter what you are doing.
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Default RE: Peep sight? Should I use one or not?

I've hunted with a peep for a long time. Just for kicks a year or 2 back I tried without one. Hated it beyond belief, evne though I could get fairly accurate still. My peep is happily back on my string to stay.
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Default RE: Peep sight? Should I use one or not?

As other's have said ,if you can shoot confidently without one then why add the extra weight .I use one all the time ,but I'm confident at shooting up to 30yrds without one ,and for hunting your most likely not going to shoot at many further distance's ,so there really isn't any need to have it . I use it simply because i like to shoot 3D as well as hunt ,and it's just a pain taking it out and putting it back in for me . I think using a peep may be somewhat of a confidence tool ,so if your comfortable with it more than you are without it ,then by all mean's use it .

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