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Pro-Line 09-22-2006 12:16 PM

String loop question...
I posted this in the bowhunting forum by accident, so I'll try here.

I bought a new bow, and am in the process of getting it tuned. (For those that live to chastise...I'm not hunting with it this year, I'm still using my other bow) I've been a bowhunter/shooter since the late 70's and this is my first "new" style bow. I'm not a gadget person...and some of these new things throw me for a loop. The bow I currently hunt with is a 1989 Pro-Line Force II...and I've moved to a new Martin.

This year will be my first with a release, as a 5yr old injury (cutting a finger off) is acting up. I shotthe new bowwith no string loop, and did well, but no better than my old bow)I decided to try a loop. I added a loop, and my groups are growing and I'm slapping my forearm pretty good.

Did the 3/4"thestring loop added to my lengthdo this?

I've never used a loop before, and this is the ONLY change I made, so I think that is the answer.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Howler 09-22-2006 06:53 PM

RE: String loop question...
Is the length of your release adjustable? If so, shorten it up to counter the length that the loop added! If your string is slapping your fore arm, just think what's going to happen when you start adding layers of clothing for hunting weather!

gzg38b 09-22-2006 08:49 PM

RE: String loop question...
When you add a string loop you should decrease your draw length by 1/2" to compensate. Sounds like your draw length is a tad long now.

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