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timberjack82 04-16-2004 09:20 PM

Going to school
Ill be off to taxidermy school next Monday (April 26th) I hope to learn alot there and get a good business going when I get out of school sometime down the road. I plan on working for a local taxidermist for about a year or 2 to learn the ropes a little better, so I can learn more about mounting different animals and more about the business.

corncob puffer 04-17-2004 07:54 AM

RE: Going to school
good luck man, i wish i could do that here too!!!! Cary aka GRIZZ

Bldhound 04-19-2004 01:20 AM

RE: Going to school
Which school are you going to?

timberjack82 04-19-2004 08:45 AM

RE: Going to school
Im going to Northwood school of texidermy in Stoystown PA.

LoveHuntN 04-19-2004 04:59 PM

RE: Going to school
Hey there man....I'm graduating from UNCG next year with my BFA in art but I'm gettting a head start on what I really want to do and starting taxidermy school here in NC at the end of May....good luck to you!!! I can't first classes are in waterfoul!

MarineStud 04-19-2004 06:08 PM

RE: Going to school

where in N.C. are you going to school at?

Bldhound 04-20-2004 04:19 AM

RE: Going to school
Birds are nice, I hated fish.

LoveHuntN 04-20-2004 12:57 PM

RE: Going to school
Montgomery community college:)

mammasboy 04-20-2004 04:40 PM

RE: Going to school
Good luck! I have looked into it, but seems hard to "get into".

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