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Default beagles

Does anyone have any questions about beagles ? I can tell you the answers to them.
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Default I do

Iv got a beagle whose about 7 years old. She's overweight so we've been running and walking with her to see if we can get her to lose some and it's workin a little. Do u hav any tips on an easier way to help her lose weight?

Also; i took her rabbit huntin yesterday and she did good she jumped a rabbit but i could never get a shot on it. But she's not trained so once she is loose the only way u cany get her back is if you go get her. Iv tried training her but it just hasnt work. Do you think you can give me some tips on training her to listen and hunt better?

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I also have a beagle,she is just ove ra year old.Last winte ri got a rabbit and dragged it aorund and shfollowed the trial and found it but i havent done much training since then..She is a very stubborn dog and doesnt like to listen well..any tips on training her and help he rto not be so stubborn?
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Training a beagle can be an extremely fun extremely challenging proposition. Usually training starts when they are very young with tame rabbits and or training pens. A lot of guys I know will get a tame rabbit and harness it and let it run around the yard to leave a scent that the puppy can become accustomed to. Don't worry if they don't "chase" the rabbit as right now you are just introducing the smells. From there it's off to "sight chasing". Basically a pup will chase a rabbit as far as he can see it but once it's out of site they lose interest. We typically have a few spots where the rabbits can be seen along the edge of thickets at our local beagle club. Another option used by some is to live trap wild rabbits. Then take the pup and the rabbit to ahunting area and place the rabbit under a 5 gallon bucket. Let the beagle smell around the bucket for awhile and then lift it up. The rabbit will take off and the dog should give chase. It may help to have a few rabbits when doing this or else it may be a short outing. Once the pups catch site of the rabbit they are off. This process needs to be repeated often. Once the beagle gets used to sight chasing they will slowley understand what running a rabbit is. After time they will start scent chasing the rabbits and "opening up"(barking...sort of). After more and more time afield the dog will eventually learn to run the rabbit full circle. A lot of guys who are lucky enough used a training pen to do this since they are a few acres in size and there is no risk of losing a pup. If your dog is opening up on a rabbit and trailing it there should be no need to go get it. The rabbit will ALWAYS run in a circle and the dog will end up back where it started. Sometimes you may even lose the sound of the barks as the rabbit is so far away but patience will soon be rewarded. If you are worried about losing a dog you can purchase a tracking colar. Shock colars can also be used to train beagles not to run "off game" such as deer. I hope this helps a little as this is a very simple and VERY slimmed down explanation. If I were you I'd try and find a local beagle club.

As far as beagles being stubborn's a beagle...that's what they do best.

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Originally Posted by wild_game_hunter15 View Post
Iv got a beagle whose about 7 years old. She's overweight so we've been running and walking with her to see if we can get her to lose some and it's workin a little. Do u hav any tips on an easier way to help her lose weight?

its all about portions. you need a real measuring cup. my vet says a half cup in the morning and a half cup at night. maybe a treat or 2 in between and no table beagle is still chunky but im dealing with her cushings disease and that makes her hungry all day long. she also drinks and pee-s like a race horse but her disease is under control as best as can be.

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