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Chesapeake bay training

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Default RE: Chesapeake bay training

Thanks for the responses,,, I'll try most,, but not the 2x4's ! LOL Both of my dogs are 4-5 months old, female, and very smart. The youngest one has an impressive pedigree and seems to have the most in the way of desire to retrieve and please.Both areswimming and retrievingin the potomac river, (still very cold water in february) and seem to love it. I've thought of getting an E-collar but I've heard so many pro's and con's, I'm not quite sure if it'snecessary. Some days they are pushbutton, the next day they seem to be starting from scratch. So far they respond to a whistle very well, and I have no problemscontrolling them when walking around the farm.

I'd love to see some field trials or find a website that explains field trials and how to train for one.Up to now I haven't found any. I've bought the video "waterdog", and itseems to be really doing well for me.I've also purchased theMike Pinds video "retriever training". I'llprobably use alot fromboth and hope for the best. Theyreally arelike shadows, you can't get out of their sight for a moment.

We'reglad we bought Chessies,andwe spend a lot of time with the obedience training (very necessary from what I've read). My oldest pup has an impressive bark and is showing signs that she needs more socialization. I'm not sure if itisadominance issue, trying to protect the younger pup, or it's the classic chessie"guard" reaction when feeling threatened.Anywho, I'm confidant we can work through it. Thanks for all theadvice, I appreciate the help!

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Default RE: Chesapeake bay training

Dogger, seems like you might have a problem starting to brew. I would recommend you seperate the two and keep them in seperate runs. You do not want to have them bonding to each other. You want them to bond to you not each other. To give you a fore sight on chessies. Thier bond is a life long bond, once bonded they will give thier life to protect the one they have bonded with, and remember them for life. I had a chessie once for 2 years and sold her as a seasoned retriever. The dog was sent out of state and never seen her for 4 years, but when I seen her again. She did not even care what her owner said. They never forget the one they bond to. So with that said, seems like if the older one has bonded to the younger one, you might have some problem with, correcting the younger one if you don't correct the problem now. If you want to train for field trials. look into a retriever club near you. A word of forewarning, hope your dogs likes to do 100+ yards retrieves (not blinds just marks). Unless you are talking about hunt test or HRC.
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Default RE: Chesapeake bay training

Great choice of dog...little dense like said, but just a great and hard working dog....he'll do what he's taught and is not a forgeter...just show him alot of postive and bond correctly with'll have a great hunting partner...Honkers
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Default RE: Chesapeake bay training

Hey Chief,
Wow, you really are hung up on your breed! I would have chosen a lab, but I didn't want to be like all the other yuppies on the park bench. Did you have a chessie beat your dog in a field trial or hunt test? Maybe you should consider being a little more polite or open minded. You obviously have a grudge, or something you need to compensate for. OOHH well, I think Chessies are great!

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Default RE: Chesapeake bay training

Hey Dogger69,

You answered your own question, but it's a worth while question as Chesapeake's sometimes get a bad wrap from hunter's thinking they are just like labs. More attention and patience is the key! The most important thing to remember is that Chesapeake's are a one man's dog..they don't like sharing time with other dogs.

Aside from the above, they are the best dogs you will every have for duck and goose hunting. In the dead of winter, Chesapeake's are all business!

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Default RE: Chesapeake bay training

I have never seen a chessie beat any of my lab at a hunt test nor a field trial but all that I am saying is true. They are a one person dog. I have owned chessies in the past and currently own two of them, but they are truely my own dogs. All I am saying is what I read from doggers description of what is happening to the dogs. Either you believe me or not it is your choice but you might later regret it. I do not hate the breed or have grudge against the breed or any other breed. If you don't believe me talk to other pro trainers in your area and you will get the same answer as what I have stated. With the field trails its a fact that the dog is doing 100+ yard marks so all I was doing was giving you an insight on the field trail world. Maybe I shouldn't have been so polite and just tell you that you should of have gotten a lab instead of a chessie. But that is just not me and you should be glad you got the chessies I never stated they were a bad dog or breed, all I did was state the truth and if you can't handle the truth then you should not have ask.
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