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SWOSUMike 01-10-2008 08:37 PM

My squirrel dog
Thought I'd post a pic of my squirel dog, Star. She's just over a year and coming along nicely. She is a mountain cur. Any other squirrel dog hunters?

idunno 01-15-2008 09:52 AM

RE: My squirrel dog
I have one but no pics. I can't find cable to download them from my camera. She is a treeing feist almost 2 years old and if I had more time to get her in the woods she would be awesome. Looking for my cable now

asttbe 01-16-2008 06:02 PM

RE: My squirrel dog
Picked up one today. Got a treeing feist pup. This is the first squirrel dog I've had

idunno 01-17-2008 12:56 AM

RE: My squirrel dog
Where/ Who did you get your pup from?

asttbe 01-17-2008 06:01 AM

RE: My squirrel dog
Dave Lincoln at Mustang Ridge Kennels. Konawa, OK

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