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ErieBassin 03-03-2006 06:21 AM

Best Bird Dog Trainers
Who would like to give me their opinion on who the best bird dog trainer for German Shorthairs are for pheasant and quail hunting. I will be using my dog for Foot hunting and Field Trialing and not for horseback.

porknbeans 03-03-2006 07:16 AM

RE: Best Bird Dog Trainers
Personally, I believe that the best trainer for your dog, is yourself. You may not have the most experience, patience, exposure, awards or time, but what the training process will teach you about yourself and your dog is invaluable. This isn't to say that you shouldn't ask for help or even use a trainer as a supplement to your training, quite the opposite. Find a training method/person that aligns with your personality and beliefs (be honest with yourself here) and then immerse yourself in everything that is available at your disposal. Seminars, DVD's, books, doing it. If you feel you still want to take your dog to a professional trainer, again align yourself with one that believs/trains like you would like your dog to be trained. Because, after you get the dog back you will still need to maintain the method and system instilled by the trainer. While the dog is at the trainer, make every effort possible to work with the trainer and your dog to understand consistant commands and practices. Again, this is my opinion. I don't spend as much time with my dog as I should, I'm not as patient as I could be, and I certainly don't have the most experience or a single award. I did find a training method I believe in and I do go to seminars and read books to help me out. I have created a great bond with my dog and we have succeeded and failed together. Good luck in your decision.

tailcrackin 03-03-2006 05:28 PM

RE: Best Bird Dog Trainers
Excellent post, I agree and disagree, the advantage to your self is the amount of all the stuff you see and learn, the disadvantage is what you see that you dont recognize. Meaning when to stop, whatever. There is alot of things that pros see, and are able to work through, because of the variety of dogs that we work. That is why when you see a post from myself, I explain and double explain. Then also question the other about understanding. That is where the trainer comes out in the wash. A good trainer will always help out. Should not have anything to hide. Thanks Jonesy

Mite 03-03-2006 09:45 PM

RE: Best Bird Dog Trainers
If you're asking who's the best professional dog trainer then I'd say that's an unfair question. There are alot of great professionals out there who aren't in the spot light. There are alot of great dog people who don't train dogs for people only themselves. Then there are those who throughout the years have made a reputation but never cared for it. I could give out names but then there are a dozen others that I don't know and I'd do an injustice.

Do you know Lou Gleber? He trained with Bill West.

tailcrackin 03-04-2006 05:57 AM

RE: Best Bird Dog Trainers
Have not met personally but have heard alot of good things about him. I have a dvd of a seminar that West and gibbons put on last year, this thing is 6 hours, but the little stuff that comes across and the rest is great. I had an advantage when I first started getting into the dogs. I had an older colored gentleman in south georgia, that would come off with some little one liners that would make you think, what and why. And then now i spend alot of hours with Maurice Lindley, he has taught me well. Gotta love just plain ol common sense. Makes life so much easier. Like I tried to say before in prior posts you unsure of whats going on, ask, unfortunately on this thing, you have to go into overload with the replies, it ususally seems like its all the same stuff but everybody wants to add a bunch of bells and whistles to the job. Thats one of the reasons why i started to drift away from the computer, post every once in a while. Thanks MIghty Mite, Jonesy

gspjeb 03-05-2006 08:00 PM

RE: Best Bird Dog Trainers
this is a tough question........I guess the truest answer is that there is probably no "best" trainer.......but there are a lot of great trainers out there. As before mentioned, the best one is the one that values the same finished product as you. I have fully finished several dogs myself and have loved it......however, it required a great deal of time every day......that is the advantage of a pro.......there is really no magic to dog is in, day I said I have finished several dogs myself, but my job doesnt allow me to spend the time that is required at this point in my new dogs development. I have sent him to a pro that I know and he is doing great. He has my dog into birds every day and is doing a great job. I know how I am in the field and I would be grumpy if my dog was running around bumping birds.......not backing......or breaking at the flush (personal for me) so a pro is the nicest thing that I can do not only for me but for my dog as well.........good luck whatever you choose

daleh 03-06-2006 08:46 AM

RE: Best Bird Dog Trainers
The best trainer is one that will work your dog not be all over the country field trialing.
Most Pro trainers have asistants who are learning to train. work on hunting dogs so that the pro can concentrate on his clients and their field trial dogs.
look at the kennels page on my website for details on what should be done and how i train bird dogs

ErieBassin 03-08-2006 03:35 PM

RE: Best Bird Dog Trainers
Thanks all for your input. As some have stated, I do not have the appropiate amount of time required to train in the initial beginning but work my dogs about one to two days a week. A good foot hunting trainer is what I am looking for and a trainer who can get my dogs working within 50-75 yards, hold pointuntil I reach them and all but me shooting the bird thay should do.

tailcrackin 03-08-2006 06:40 PM

RE: Best Bird Dog Trainers
I would be interested in trying to help you out, if you would like you can call at 859-985-2918. I have one space available right now,
I donated a month to our local Ducks unlimited chapter, but the gentleman wants to wait until the summer so if you'd be interested feel free to call or email [email protected] thanks for your time, Dave Jones.....aka Jonesy

rednalpu 03-11-2006 12:57 PM

RE: Best Bird Dog Trainers
Jonsey, I'm with you. I too train professionally up here in Canada. I don't keep secrets from my clients because I don't need to. I can tella clientexactly what to do witha dog.The clientmight follow my suggestions to a tee but suddenly finds him/herself with a problem. It's not thattheydidn't follow my directions. It's the fact that dogs are living things and they might deviate from the training. A good pro can read a dog and therefore re-calibrate the process BEFORE it becomes a major issue.Happens quite a bit. That's why you pay for a pro.
I'm not against someone training their own dog either. In fact, I'm always answering the phone (usually during dinner) to help folk out. It's gotta stop though.My family time should not be compromised but.........
We've never met Jonsey but it sounds like you know your stuff.

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