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geterdun 02-01-2006 04:26 PM

i have a vizula, trying to train...need help please
i am actually new to this post but to make a long story short, i have a Vizula puppy about, probably almost a year old. I have heard that these dogs are natural hunting/retrieval dogs. Everytime i mention the type of dog i have, people tell me they are great for hunting. She is a beautiful puppywho loves the outdoors already - so i think that hunting is perfect for her.My prime interest is hunting deer and turkey, but i have hunting waterfowl and hope to hunt upland birds. Basically, how do i start to train my dog to hunt with me in the field? Is it too late b/c of her age? do i need to actually take her to a trainer now? Cani do it totally myself? or can i start teaching her the basics until i get a trainer? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot. Brent G

ncdukker 02-01-2006 05:58 PM

RE: i have a vizula, trying to train...need help please
It is hard to say where to start because we don't know where she is in training. What I mean is she obedience trained, come heel, sit stay that kind of stuff. If not you need to get hot or you will have a nice house dog. How does she react around birds? When i started my English pointer I use to keep a pen with 6 live quail in there so the smell was always there for her. I also used a long cane pole with a string on the end with a wing and would flip it back and forth. Once she is about to grab the wing you flip it back after a while she will get tired of chasing it and will slow down and start a creep on the wing. Once she does the creeping that is when I started with the whoa command to let her know I want her to stop where she is. It takes some time but a 1 year old dog is not out of range of help. You just have to remember to be consistent with the commands give praise when needed and scold the dog when needed. Never let your dog see you swat her if you do I try not to but it is hard sometimes. To make corrections you can use a rope and tie a knot in it where it will rest under her chin when she does not do what you want just give a quick flip and the knot will pop her and she won't think it is you. Once a dog gets nervous or scared around the owner that dog will not hunt like it ought to. Spend as much time training and control the training don't let the dog do anything you do not want her to. If working retrieving and she does not drop the wing or bird when told to work it out of her by making it fun for her to release it. If you just snatch it away she will start to think I can't have it and will tend to drop your birds short instead of bringing them to you. If you can't remember all of this just remember, Patience ( remain patient while your dog is learning she won't be a hero overnight), Consistency(remain consistent with all commands and posturing of the dog), and Control (always control the dog and the training scenario in which she is participating in).

Red Earth 02-01-2006 06:13 PM

RE: i have a vizula, trying to train...need help please

Lets start off with first things first...... No its not to late to start training your dog, and yes you can do it yourself. Take baby steps and give lots of praise.

What is the breeding on your dog? (is it from a field background) Do you have the ability to get your dog to the field and train? Is the dog hunting Tweety birds, butterflies, bugs?

Main commands a bird dog has to know is...Come, Whoa and Heel. They should retrieve if not it could be taught, no problem.

Give me a little info and I'll help you out. There is a article on my site along with pictures on how to train whoa on the post. It's not totally complete as yet but it will give you an idea.


geterdun 02-02-2006 04:17 PM

RE: i have a vizula, trying to train...need help please
MY BABYGIRL IS ABOUT A YEAR OLD VISZLA. i HONESTLY dont know much on the exact type of hunting they are made for, but i do know that when i take her in the park (a large football field) she loves to run and chase things. It is almost like we are hunting when i take her on a trail behind my house. She will walk alittle, stop, bring up her paw and, standing on three legs, begin to sniff the air and intensly look around. She will stay there until i say "ok sadie gurl" , then she will continue her walk and every time i say, "sadie" in a soft-like voice, she will stop, and do the same routine until i tell her otherwise. Is this characteristic of a hunting dog? or just a coincidence.She knows how to sit, stay, real well, i have to work on the WHOA part. I can tell her to sit and stay, then walk, or run, away with my index finger in the air and she wont budge at all. I really appreciate your help, thanks buddy

REM7MMAG 02-12-2006 07:10 PM

RE: i have a vizula, trying to train...need help please
i had the pleasure 2 quail hunt wiht a year and 1/2 old this weekend and she trained mostly wiht her mother that is a junior hunter i think and the pup did good but still more 2 learn not sure on how 2 train if you dont have a older dog that is or traning school or something

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