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help in va

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Default help in va

hi my name is patrick collins i live in powhatan county va i am 20 years old and i am wanting to get into hunting i have been rabbit hunting a couple times and just got a rabbit dog about 3 weeks ago she i right good shes a lil slow but shes pretty decent but any way i am not doing much hunting this year but by next year i plan to be hunting hard but i want to get into deer hunting with dogs and just looking for somebody to you show me the ropes i have never done alot of it cause my dad was never a hunter just looking for help and maybe a few deer dogs or pups and i would like to join a club by next year give me time to get my license and every thing in order
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Default RE: help in va

Hey patrick
well welcome to the wonderful world of hunting. if i were you i would start out still hunting first for deer because one its alot more satisfying and two alot easier to get into. when hunting with dogs safety is the key to being successful and if you dont have alot of experience with hunting then the last thing you want to do is go gunho in the woods with dogs. dog hunting is fast paced at times and split second decisions need to be made to stay safe. also land and the people to run dogs with are hard to come by to line a dog drive up just right. but dog hunting can be very exciting at the same time. i have been hunting since i was 6 and i have killed far more deer still hunting then i have with dogs and if its a trophy you want the chances are not good of getting one with dogs. a big buck is smart and will circle back on the dogs and if hes with does he will circle and the does will get out of dodge and the dogs tend to stay with the does for some reason. i dont know if its the fact of the does having a stronger scent trail or because there are usually more does in the group but i just know more does are taken then bucks and it is alot harder to tell what is a good shooter buck when they are on the run. but if you still hunt and hunt according to the rut, the lunar table, and weather patterns then you have a much better chance of taking nice mature animals. i dog hunt, but i do alot more still hunting then anything and all my trophies have been taken that way. if i were you i would spend the money that you are going to dump into dogs and taking care of the dogs into a nice climbing stand and scentlok and you will be far happier in the long run. but if you want to get into dog hunting and see how it is and what goes on then keep watching these posts and we will be announcing when we will be signing our land leases for our club and we will bring you out as a guest sometime and let you experience the world of hardcore dog running. hope this helps and im glad you are asking questions instead of just jumping in the woods without a clue like alot of people do and good luck this year and next.
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