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Runnin Dogs

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Default Runnin Dogs

How many of you guys still run dogs for deer season? Do you run in pens or the outside to keep your dogs in shape? Those of you from TX,LA,MISS,AL, and ARK where are the best pens to run if your looking to buy some good dogs?
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Default RE: Runnin Dogs

I for one still run deer dogs.I have seven,and run them every day of the season.I only run them during the season,not in pens or after the season goes out.
thats the only way to hunt deer in the south after the first week.
just my way.

I am not a hunter I am a whitetail population reduction specialest

remember keep your back to the sun, your knife sharp, and your powder dry.
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Default RE: Runnin Dogs

I'm with Tree Climber. I have 4 walkers with more on the way. We lease about 3300 acres in SW AR. Dogs are the ONLY way to hunt the thick pine plantations of southern Arkansas. I run mine from October to January outside and sometimes in pens during the summer.
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Default RE: Runnin Dogs

illegal in texas. using dogs depends upon the dog doing the work and not the huntger. the hunter is just a follower and trainer.
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Default RE: Runnin Dogs

i wish i had some to run. especially this year.
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Default RE: Runnin Dogs

Here in the eastern part of VA dogs are the only way to go. Beacause of growth it is getting harder and more dangerous for the dogs. I have 13 beagles that I run November to January. They had about 20 deer killed in front of them this year. Without dogs we may have killed 5. The ratio of does to bucks is out of control in this part of VA. The dogs help us to get some of the deer moving during the day. Most of the deer only move during the night time after the first week of the season. Big bucks all but disapear into deep woods and thickets that no man would think about entering. We need longer doe seasons and shorter buck season to help us get things in check. I killed 10 deer myself this year and let at least 25+ go. Most that i let go were little bucks and does.
I sometimes run my dogs in the late summer and early fall before bow season. Lots hunters that use larger hounds run their dogs in the fox pens. I really don't want my dogs running anything but deer. I have stoped buying dogs from other people. Most people are not going to sell you a good dog. They are pretty easy to train if you can get one dog that runs you can train puppies. I love the sound of a good chase. Some people just don't understand the beauty.
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Default RE: Runnin Dogs

oldlinewalker, we run dogs around Magonila and in Emerson Ark. You around that area??

soarkrebel, it wasen't that great running them during the drought this year, saw the pack 50 feet behind the deer sounded like they were cold trailing. But if you need a pack next year we will be up there. Speaking of going up there we are making a trip 3/16 & 3/17. You going to be around?

beagleman, couldn't agree with you more I'm a beagleman myself. I made a cross beagle/plott I do run in the fox pen's and they stay with the bigdogs well actually they keep them stright. Tried to get stone head some but good deer running beagles are a little hard to come by, he'll just have to settle with cutting and trying to steal the game away from my beagles. This ought to get him going!!! BTW out of 60 to 80 dogs a beagle named SPIKE was top dog 4 years running, he is the second generation Spike that I have owned.

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Default RE: Runnin Dogs

beagleman, gotta love them beagles! I used to live in Newport News and had beagles myself. Sure do miss hunting with them. What county do you hunt in? I hunted in quite a few counties Isle of Wight, Southhampton, York, James City, Northampton, Lancaster there may have been others I don't remember.

Do you hunt with a club? Do they take guest? I'm trying to set something up for me and my son this coming season. He will be 9 in Sept. and chomping at the bit to start hunting.

God Bless & Good Hunting
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Default RE: Runnin Dogs

I'm a little west of ya'll. Over in Little River County. Our Lease is on the Oklahoma border about 1 mile south of Little River.
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Default RE: Runnin Dogs

<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote<font size=1 face='Verdana, Arial, Helvetica' id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>
illegal in texas. using dogs depends upon the dog doing the work and not the huntger. the hunter is just a follower and trainer.
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So be it! I just recently started going dog hunting. In fact last year I only climbed a tree once the whole season. I love hearing the dogs run. Anyone who tries it will fall in love with it too.

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