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Spring tom 05-28-2010 06:14 AM

Florida Alligator Permit----SNAFU again
Here is the email I received this morning from FWC.

What it says is-------we screwed up again. :bash:

Dear Alligator Harvest Permit Applicant:

We regret to inform you that the alligator hunt application you
submitted for Phase I may not have been recorded correctly <
> . While preparing for the Phase I random drawing, FWC staff
discovered a problem. Active Outdoors, the third party vendor that
hosts the FWCs Total Licensing System, confirmed that there was a
programming error on their end that caused hunt period choices in many
cases to be recorded incorrectly in the data file. FWC and Active
Outdoors staff tried everything they could to restore the original hunt
period choices, but was unsuccessful. This means that the original
applications we received must be set aside and new applications

Active Outdoors has corrected the problem in their system, and we have
re-scheduled the Phase I Alligator Permit Application period to start
June 1 at 10:00 AM EDT and go through 11:59 PM EDT June 14. Anyone who
submitted an application previously will need to re-submit their
application either online at or at any
tax collector's office.

In the event you are selected in the random drawing, Active Outdoors has
informed us that they will be waiving the fee they would normally add to
your transaction when purchasing your awarded permit through the
Internet. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this additional
application period may cause. As always, thank you for your continued
interest in Florida's alligator hunting opportunities.

A revised application worksheet detailing dates and other important
information can be viewed at:

Steve Stiegler

Alligator Management Program

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
620 S. Meridian Street

Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600

Spring tom 05-28-2010 06:15 AM

Here is my reply to FWC
Maybe you guys need a Post Office box in Tallahassee and about 10 good ole boys drinking Miller Lite to run this alligator application process. I bet in one long Friday night we could have 6,000 permits settled.

That would be 600 per man (10 x 600=6,000). We would only allow one beer per 100 permits a man schedules. You'd be looking at 6 beers per man with 10 men (6 x 10=60 beers). I bet that whips the pants off of what those nerds at ACTIVE OUTDOORS charge you and me.

I'd be happy to head that up. I like my Miller Lite in a bottle.

If we could implement this process for Phase One, I'm sure I could have 50 good ole boys signed up for next year------ you supply the beer.


Tom Shepherd
Apopka, FL

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