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Kentster911 10-19-2007 08:18 AM

Okies - Check In!
Any Okies been in the woods? I am in Payne County. Took a nice 105 lb doe on the 6th and have only been back out 1 time (10-14) and didnt see anything from my stand but jumped a couple of does coming out. I have been getting plenty of game cam pics but most of the bucks are still nocturnal and the does are feeding very, very early and late.

Anyone else seeing anything or doing any good?

OKDucks 10-19-2007 09:04 AM

RE: Okies - Check In!
I hunt in Okmulgee and Pawnee counties. Have not drawn on a deer yet. All activity is nocturnal (due to unseasonably warm temps I would assume). Hopefully the cooler temps predicted for next week will shake things up a little. Good Luck!!!!!!

isatarak 10-19-2007 10:04 PM

RE: Okies - Check In!
I've been hunting every evening when the high doesn't get over 80. Killed a doe on the 8th and passed up a pretty buck last Thursday that was probably a 2.5 year old deer that might score 110. I've been out the last 5 evenings and not seen a deer which is really unusual. The deer are making lots of tracks but with the nice weather and moon it must be at night. I'm in Major County.

OKbowhunter20 10-20-2007 02:50 PM

RE: Okies - Check In!

[/align]Whats up guys, im from the SW part of the the state...the huntin is pretty good down here so far...i killed a 7 point on the sixth and only been out a couple times since...ill probably go tommorow and see if i can get a doe, but with the temps gettin cooler who knows what might walk out:D

Brewtopia 10-21-2007 09:34 AM

RE: Okies - Check In!
Greetings all, I'm pretty new to hunting, this will be my third year and I have yet to get crap. The learning phase sucks. Anyway most of my hunting is on public land in Norman and Lexington. I have seen a lot of signs but no actual deer yet.

davs2601 10-21-2007 03:47 PM

RE: Okies - Check In!
Hey Okies,

My wife had our little girl on the 12th so my season got cut really short. Oh well ill be back out there next year, then again I may be able to swindle a few days during gun season or late archery. I went out a few times to Altus Lugert..saw two does both times, and yes they out smarted me both times. Went to Ft. Sill as well but it was around 90 degrees, didnt see a thing.Hopefully you fellas have a great year.

Brewtopia are you hunting out at Thunderbird?? I finally went out and got thier map of the areas, but I didnt get enough time to check things out properly. I have Hunted quite a bit out at Lexington and I have never had anyluck, although there is usually a health turkey population. From what I hear time is better spent out at Thunderbird. Almost forgot...look in to Arcadia hunts, I think it may be too late for this year, but keep it in mind.

falcon 10-21-2007 04:32 PM

RE: Okies - Check In!
Killed a small deer on Ft. Sill the second day of their muzzleloading season.

okgobbler 10-21-2007 04:54 PM

RE: Okies - Check In!
I shot a decent 8 pt yesterday in Bryan Co. I saw 9 bucks in two mornings of hunting. The young bucks were starting to spar a little. I saw a spike chasing a doe. Good luck.

Kentster911 10-22-2007 08:17 AM

RE: Okies - Check In!
Well got out yesterday (Sunday) morning and just about got blown over at 4 am when I walked out side, damn winds. Got to the lease and climbed my tree and wondered how good the ol summit climber would hold up in this wind, it did just fine. I was wondering if I did see anything would I be able to shoot (felt like I was in a boat on rough water). Well I didnt see anything but a few squirrels. My buddy didnt see anything either. We spent the rest of the day checkin cams and filling feeders. They should start to really move with this weeks weather.

Anybody else get out this weekend?


davs2601 10-22-2007 05:52 PM

RE: Okies - Check In!
Which areas have been better in the past for you at Ft. Sill. I hunted D3 a few weeks back, but its hard to get time to go down and look around

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