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Farthest shot made on a coyote?

Old 01-16-2005, 02:16 PM
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Default Farthest shot made on a coyote?

Whats the farthest youve ever hit a coyote? I love/hate my .243. It impresses me at times and at other times, i cant hit anything with it. Many of my coyotes i shoot at are 300 plus yards away. Ive shot quite a few at 300 over the years, and made one shot the other week at a beautiful male coyote out in the field about 450 yards away from my truck. at that range, theres quite the time delay from when the gun goes bang, to when the bullet strikes. I cant even remember where i aimed in relation to him, but i know i held well over his back as he was standing broad side. He ran about 60 yards before he collapsed, but the shot did kill him perfectly. I hit him right behind the shoulder and blew a bit of a hole in him, but a little hole is better than no coyote at all. Surprising that the bullet would exit at that range, I guess it didnt hit any ribs.

How far have you guys shot yotes, and with what calibre?


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Old 01-16-2005, 05:31 PM
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Default RE: Farthest shot made on a coyote?

ever heard of a .338 lapua this is no kidding i had a friend who had one and let me shoot a yote at 950 yds. He has shot them at over a 1000 yards. I know that most people are not going to believe me, but this is 100% true
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Old 01-16-2005, 05:32 PM
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Default RE: Farthest shot made on a coyote?

The farest I have ever shot a yote is just over 300 yds .

The reason your bullet exited IMO was that it lost a lot of FPS by the time it got there .The lower fps caused the bullet to not expand as well ,resulting in deeper penatration = a exit wound.
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Default RE: Farthest shot made on a coyote?

300 yds with a 308 and luepold 3-18X50 long range mild dot
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Old 01-17-2005, 01:22 AM
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Default RE: Farthest shot made on a coyote?

I shot one that was trotting at about 275yds a few years back. (he was trotting, not me) I just lead him about two feet and let her fly. I was shooting a .270, so it was kill or miss.

I would never do this to an animal that I didn't consider a varmint...but the yotes must go!
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Default RE: Farthest shot made on a coyote?

my farthest yote shot was 250 yards give or take 20 yards, the shot was all luck and no skill lol i really dont see it happening again. but the shot was taken with my CVA hunterbolt 50 cal inline muzzle loader with a 295 grain power belt and 100 grains of pyrodex and open sights I aimed about a foot high and fired i saw dirt kick up and the yote fall, I think the bullet hit the ground and ricochetted up and into the yote. I still hit and killed it right? even though the bullet took a bounce off the ground first lol
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Default RE: Farthest shot made on a coyote?

.338 lapua
That's not your average run-of-the-mill predator rifle there, is it. I don't think my .223 has that much range on it, even on a good still day. I have only shot one over 100. It was maybe 150 with a .222 from a tractor. Everthing that has come to a call has come a lot closer. Average maybe 40 yards or so.
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Default RE: Farthest shot made on a coyote?

I shot a yote at 250 yards with my 222. He was running straight away. All I had to do was aim right at the top of the head and the bullet dropped right in to find the mark and put him down immediately. My dad shot 2 in the same manner with his 243 at 325yards and 350 yards.
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Default RE: Farthest shot made on a coyote?

one at 440 yards and another at 350,both were shot and kill or don't. 243 80 grains psp.
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Default RE: Farthest shot made on a coyote?

My farthest shot was 535 yards with a 22-250 ackley improved. Leupold 6.5 to 20 pushed up to 8.5 to 26 and dots set for different ranges by premier reticle. Also have hit a few prairie dogs at over 1000 yds, but haven't been able to keep them from going down the hole. It starts out at 3800 fps with 55 grain ballistic tip. Is just going 1100 fps and drops 21 feet at 1000 yards.
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Quick Reply: Farthest shot made on a coyote?

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