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buckmaster_88 10-29-2004 06:49 PM

Anyone know anything about the 204 Ruger
Hey does anyone know anything about the 204 Ruger. I am looking at perchasing a new gun . And want something for the yote and varmit hunting . But that has enough power to take a deer . So let me in on what you know.

Sixgun_Redneck 10-30-2004 01:30 AM

RE: Anyone know anything about the 204 Ruger
you have to very different prey catagories there, the areas do no permit .22 calibre bullets for deer. The minimum is a .243 but thats expensive for varmints. The .204 is a fast rnd is fast by 100-200 fps than a .22-250. I personally would go .22-250 because its cheaper to shoot, is only slightly slower and you can use heavier bullets. so you can drop a deer if no cops opr whoever are around, which there usually aren't, just don't say anything about it do the authorities. .22-250 has 1500 ft-lbs of energy at 200 with a 50 or 55gr bullets. I'm not sure if that helps any.

Howler 10-30-2004 11:57 AM

RE: Anyone know anything about the 204 Ruger
The largest bullet offered for the .204 is the 40 grain V-max. For one, the V-max isn't the right bullet for deer hunting and the 40 gr. is on the small side for deer hunting, no matter the type of bullet. The .204 will make a fine coyote rig, but you need to look a larger cal. for deer. IMO!!

junkman louie 11-24-2004 11:55 AM

RE: Anyone know anything about the 204 Ruger
I'm thinking about the .204 for a varmint (read coyote) rifle. It is really hot, I would be worried about hitting bones, etc. Howler is right about the rounds available for the .204. I think if I had to get only one rifle it would be a .25-06. A little big for coyotes but still will do a deer.

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