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thecontractor 10-09-2004 09:06 AM

12 year old's first squirrel hunt
well i took my kid for his first hunting experience today. we left right when the sun was coming up. i took him to a spot where i have squirrel hunted in the past and had pretty good luck. today we didn't even hear a squirrel. we're home to eat some lunch and he needed to change his boots because they were giving him blisters in the back of his feet. one positive thing is we got to see some deer up close and personal and i showed him turkey sign. he's a little discouraged right now so i'm going to try another spot where i broke his mother in at (squirrel hunting-don't get the wrong idea about her lol).

thecontractor 10-09-2004 03:46 PM

RE: 12 year old's first squirrel hunt
well, we went back out and he got a shot at a red squirrel which i usually don't even shoot at but he was bored so i let him shoot at it. he missed it but it was in the thickets and he was using a .22. we finally saw a big grey but he didn't get a shot at it because i was in the way. shame on me!!

Tree climber 10-09-2004 05:30 PM

RE: 12 year old's first squirrel hunt
thats the way to teach them,while there young. congrats. to you both even though you didn't get anything.
take him again,he will get time stay out of his way,[:o];)[&:] LOL.

thecontractor 10-10-2004 05:13 AM

RE: 12 year old's first squirrel hunt
i don't know how i forgot about this but, when we were on our way out for the third time, he got to see his first "wild" bear ever!!! we were driving to a spot i hunt quite frequently and he sais "dad there's a bear!!!" so i come to a screatching halt and look over to the right and there's a HUGE bear running the length a field. i threw my truck in reverse and he was running faster than my truck would go backwards. i'm not much for being able to size animals but he was by far the biggest black bear i've ever seen. i'm guessing he was between 4 and 500 lbs. very very black beautiful coat!!! i know where i'm going bear hunting this year!!!

NewbHunter 10-10-2004 04:39 PM

RE: 12 year old's first squirrel hunt
Way to go contrator thats the way to get ur kids started. Small game hunting, then move them up little by little. Very good u got to see some other animals while hunting small game like showing him turkey signs and about them etc... Thats the way to get those young ones started. Keep it up.

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