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.22 WMR + coyote = good ?

Old 01-09-2004, 09:02 PM
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Default .22 WMR + coyote = good ?

Just bought a new gun for coyote hunting here in wisconsin last wkend. I picked up a Savage .22 WMR(winmagrimfire) w/scope combo at GanderMt for $170 US. Bought a box of Rem Vmax 33gr HP and sighted to a 4" bullseye on my 3rd shot... within a couple more shots i was able to hit 2 seperate groups of .2 - .3 " at 50yds off sandbags.(I probably had to much coffee too )
I picked up the mag because of the price and because of how impressed I was with the accuracy and power of the gun my father picked up a Ruger 77/22 in .22WMR. The term "nail driver" definitely applies to this caliber with good ammo. I have read a few articles about this caliber only being a "sure thing" on coyotes out to maybe 80 - 100yds. The problem being available knockdown power at the greater range.
What kinda results has anyone enjoyed with this round? I picked it up to use on coyote, fox, squirrel, and for plinking. I have a number of .22 LR and almost stuck with that...but figured a new gun with some more pop was a nice present to myself. Although I would love a .22-250 or .243 the reality is that in Wisconsin where i live most shots will be less than 100yds as there is too much cover in most areas. Nevermind the cost of the centerfire ammo, and the report...which while on the praires matters little, here it can be a big deal at times.

thanks for infos and opinions ahead of time girls
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Default RE: .22 WMR + coyote = good ?

a .22 for coyote hunting??? i always thougth you would have to use a high power rifle like a 30-06...
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Default .22 Mag.

I've used a .22mag a lot of times on coyote. But it really isn't the gun for coyote's. It's a little bit undergun for a yote. As you'll find out if you try and take shots 100yrds or longer. A yote can take a lot of lead and abuse. Just make sure you go for a head shot. Now the .22mag. is an excellent gun for fox. I'll use a .22mag when I'm hunting the swamps or thick hardwoods, where shots are going to be close. And my 22-250 will cause way too much damage to the yote. Besides the scope I have on the 22-250 isn't good for shots at close range. I am also planning on purchasing a .17hmr. and trying that on yotes. Here in Michigan we aren't allowed to use anything at night except a rimfire, or a shotgun, and your not allowed to have any slugs in the gun or on your possesion. Keep your shot under a 100yrds. And better yet, closer to 50 or 60 yrds.

Coyote caller
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Default RE: .22 Mag.

I am personally wating for the new .204 ruger to come out. Thats going to be quite the gun for yotes. But if you can kill them with the .22 mag than you really dont need a biger gun. It saves the pelts too.
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Default RE: .22 Mag.

I would aggree it is on the small size but if your happy with it for other uses way cool. We have shot alot of Wisconsin yotes with many calibers and they are tough tough tough. They sure can cover alot of ground wounded. I shot one with my .223 3 times before it tipped over 400 yds away, neck, chest and guts..

Where in Wisconsin are you located. Im in Mauston, near the dells....always looking for someone to go calling with or have them come here.
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Default RE: .22 WMR + coyote = good ?

Thanks for the info guys...
#1 reason for going with .22 mag is to save the pelts, and the fact that most shots around here are not that long(too much cover).

Kevin... I am in Waukesha metro. Just started hunting yotes a couple wks ago. My parents by you (Grand Marsh)...and we called a couple in last wk that almost ran us over up there
Been around mauston a bit...gotta get curds at the Carr Valley when i get around there, anyhows drop me a email at [email protected] sometime. When I get up there to hunt with the family again...another pair of eyes can't hurt
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