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Anyone Coyote hunt with bow?

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Default Anyone Coyote hunt with bow?

Hello all, I'm strictly a bowhunting and would like to try my luck at coyotes. I'll be hunting in NE Mass. When reading about coyote hunting I always hear about rifle hunting but nothing about bowhunting. Is it possible to call in coyotes within bowrange without them spotting you while drawing back? Our coyote season starts in Jan. and I'd love to give it a try. Thanks for any help you can give. Take care, Scott.
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Default RE: Anyone Coyote hunt with bow?

Is it possible to call in coyotes within bowrange
, yes it is possible. There are very few who attempt to do it, and fewer that have success doing it. The coyote is in MHO, harder to fool than the weariset whitetail. The first hurdle, and the toughest hurdle, in getting a coyote in bow range is avoiding his nose. Then, getting drawn will be the next piece of the puzzle that can be difficult. When you call a coyote in, it comes looking and expecting to smell or see the source, nothing like ambushing a coyote. Setting up where you have good visibility is key, 'cause if you can see one coming, then you can call to it as needed. It's best to call as little as possible, to avoid telling the coyote your exact location. That way, as he gets closer, he won't be keyed in on your postion, which will hopefully allow you the chance to get away with some movement and hopefully keep it from getting down wind of your postion. A decoy may help in some situations, by distracting the coyotes attention, but the source of the sound must be close to the decoy, or the coyote must not have the chance to correlate that the sound is not coming from the decoy. In other words, if the coyote is within eye sight of the sound and the decoy, but the sound and decoy are 50 yards appart, the coyote will key on the sound. So, an electronic caller right beside the decoy would be the best set up. Another way to be successful, is to have a partner do the calling while the shooter sets up in the possible approach lanes, this way the coyote is focused on the source of the sound, the caller, while this gives the shooter a chance to draw and be set-up down wind of the caller where the coyote is most likely to approach. It isn't easy, and with some luck, perserverance, patience, and some knowledge of the predator's habits and body language, it can be! Good Luck!!!
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Default RE: Anyone Coyote hunt with bow?

Thanks Howler, my main purpose is really to get out into the woods and possibly get one. After five years away from hunting I'm dying to get out into the woods and do some hunting. The next season coming up is coyotes in Jan. so even if I don't get one, it will just feel good to get back out into my treestand and at least have a chance at one. I don't really want to wait until next bow season for whitetails (Oct here in Ma.) so it's more for the experience than the actual kill. Thanks for the suggestions and I think I'll give it a try and see how my luck goes. I'll let everyone know if anything happens. Thanks again, Scott.
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Default RE: Anyone Coyote hunt with bow?

I have never went coyote hunting with a bow but have bowkilled coyotes and a fox while deer hunting and fall turkey hunting. Called all of them in. Was hunting and seen them, started calling and got them in range. 2 of the coyotes I was hunting turkey from the ground and they were stalking the same flock of turkey. I seen them, done a soft squeak on my hand and they came right in. Both of them went totally CRAZY when the arrow hit. It was awesome!

It can be done. Keep us posted on how you do!!

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Default RE: Anyone Coyote hunt with bow?

check out its a great site, havent been there in a while but i think i remember some good info on the topic.
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