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.17 caliber

Old 11-17-2003, 10:41 PM
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Default .17 caliber

anyone heard about these? an ok friend of mine was telling me about how he baught one and he loves it for small game. He says its a .22 shell with a .17 bullet, he says it has over 2000 fps. Is he lying is this gun real, does anyone have one? just curious, Thanks
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Old 11-18-2003, 03:17 PM
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Default RE: .17 caliber

My buddy just bought one a few weeks ago and he loves it. He has taken some squirrels with it so far. It is a very nice gun, good for anything from small game to turkeys and coyotes. It shoots flat and accurate and can be compared to a .22 mag.
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Default RE: .17 caliber

its pretty much a necked down 22 mag shell verry accurate if it is not windy out.
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Default RE: .17 caliber

I have one.5 shots at 100yrd can cover with a qaurter.I use it for coyote,fox,and bobcat.
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Default RE: .17 caliber

i own a .17 caliber remingotn and i love it. the shells i shoot are 4,063 fps. i also own a 10/22 which is also ideal for this type of game if your a good shot.

So no your friend isnt lying he just understated the fps on the bullets
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Old 12-05-2003, 09:24 AM
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Default RE: .17 caliber

The .17 rimfire is underpowered for game as large as coyotes.
It may be good out to 50 yards for so on fox bobcats coyotes but not much over that. Pretty comparable to the .22 magnum rimfire.

The .17 centerfire is an excellent coyote round out to 300 yards or so.

Big difference in the two cartridges.
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Default RE: .17 caliber

sorry to say it but that is all i use for coyotes, i have even taken a wolf with the .17 hmr, but it sucks on windy days. it is all about shot placement not about hitting power. if your good enough shot you could even kill a deer or bear with it.
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Default RE: .17 caliber

Suthern buck
How do you get a .17hmr shell at 4000fps????????? you must reload cause factory loads i've seen are 2550fps.........

The .17hmr can take a yote out to 100 yards but after that i wouldn't take one. And i definately wouldn't shoot a deer or bear with one.....
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Default RE: .17 caliber

Suthern Buck is talking about the .17 Remington, not the .17 HMR.

The .17 Rem is a centerfire bottleneck rifle cartridge similar to, but not exactly, a necked down version of the .223 Rem (some of the dimensions other than the neck are different), so it's not at all unreasonable for it to smoke that little 25gr. bullet out there at 4,000+ fps.

The .17HMR, as you know, is a necked down .22WMR. They are the same caliber, but totally different cartridges alltogether.

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Default RE: .17 caliber

I can understand using the .17 HMR on animals up to coyotes at reasonable ranges and if you are particularly careful about the shot placement. But to suggest their use on deer and bear???? Well, you can take a bear with a pocket knife....but I wouldn't call it intelligent. And I know of the stories of bear being kill with a .22LR...but that doesn't mean it was a responsible thing to do. (If you are in a truly SURVIVAL situation...that is different.) But anyone that pulls those "stunts" under the guise of sport hunting. Are not very sportsman like!

It's bad enough that hunters get lumped together with poachers and other criminals....without going out "with a point to prove" and attempting stunts at the risks of the animal's suffering. We can't have it both ways! Either we act ethically.....or we don't!
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