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Boyd's Stocks

Old 02-26-2017, 03:57 PM
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The world we live in today is a different place than it used to be. Folks ask strangers for money for anything and everything. As long as there's no deception, how folks "donate" their money is up to them. A generation ago, folks only asked for money when they needed it, now, not so much.

What I see in his post is an upper-middle class college kid, asking for money from strangers after his folks (most likely) told him no. What I don't see in the post is any deception.

A generation ago, this would be the kid asking around if anyone had any odd-jobs they could do for some spending money, and a generation ago, the folks who didn't really need any odd-jobs done would make up some random chore for the kid to do, and would most likely over pay them for doing it. Not so differently today, if a kid (or anyone) wants to go on a hunting trip they otherwise couldn't afford, they start a gofundme and access millions of people around the country. People give money to all kinds of stuff many of us might think is foolish. I'm not a gofundme user or "donor," but as long as there's no deception, I can't be bothered by folks asking or folks giving.

I've donated/wasted a lot of money on high school and college kids over the years. I've especially passed a lot of cash to dozens of HS and college bull riders over the years - any one of which could NOT enter a rodeo half way across the country and could have simply gone home and worked cows or built fence.

Maybe I'm just more agreeable to the idea of investing in life experiences of others. If a person has their hand out in NEED, I'm a lot more prone to actually help out, but if I know a kid and trust in who they are, I've never been tight with the purse strings to help send them out on some fool-hearty adventure. Lord knows I enjoyed too many of my own to not be supportive of others in theirs.

I don't have many pics of our boyd's stocks, but I can probably talk the missus into taking a few pictures next weekend to contribute to the thread. My wife has a Ruger 77 Hawkeye in a Prairie Hunter and a Savage Mark II Bsev in an Evolution, my son has a Marlin 60 in a Rimfire Hunter and a Savage Mark II in a Pro-Varmint, I have a Ruger 77 and a 700 in Pro-Varmints, a 10/22 in an Evolution, a Charger in one of their pistol stocks, and a B-mag in a Lightweight Thumbhole, Until then, here's the only one I have in my photobucket currently, which isn't even one of our rifles:

Remington 700 ADL blocked, bedded, and free floated in a Boyd's Prairie Hunter.

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Originally Posted by Samfowler21
Yeah that picture is of me, because it's my avatar. If my other post offended you so much, leave it on that post instead of bringing your negativity to other threads. This is supposed to be a positive community but it's hard when there's cancerous members such as yourself. Good day.
...Edited by Champlain Islander... You have just proven yourself to have zero merit. I will never read nor reply to anything you ever post here. I suggest you spend some time growing up.

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