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Snaring rabbits

Old 03-09-2016, 11:31 AM
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Haha wow guys. It's actually weird what u guys actually think. Hahah a dingo haha
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That is a very good reason to post a general location in ones profile. Every one seemed to be looking for Canadian laws and the person is down under. Any how I posted a bunch of snaring links for him to get started on.

As a side note I have not meant a teen ager who was not a whiz with electronics. Most of the kids I know from 10 years up hardly put their smart phones out of there hands. or out of sight.


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Yeah location would have helped greatly. Think kids are great with technology but many are only capable in the things they are into. Websites like government agencies and such seem to confuse them, could be lack of colors, banners, and other fancy things or just the plain wall of texts they have instead of pictures, not sure why though.

Just contact your local game enforcement office and ask questions, your laws and regulations will be much different then anything we have. I remember watching a documentary about rabbits are considered an invasive species that is a pest there like feral hogs are here. Your breeds of dogs may be slightly different as well or at least the breeds we have may be more expensive to get over your way. I remember reading something about Aussies using ferrets to flush rabbits out of holes so that may be an option.

The Dingo thing was a joke, we are two different countries with two differing views, what may seem odd to you can be normal for us and what is odd for us can be normal for you.
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Are you saying SD that they need pictures because they lack real reading skills?

If so OI totally agree.

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Originally Posted by olsaltydog
Ignore my links then, can't you guys train a dingo for rabbit hunting. Lol

lol. naw, a dingo might eat yur baybee!
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