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small game: shotgun vs. rifle

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Originally Posted by Nomercy448
Re-read your own statements and you might find clarity.

Two animals over the span of two years really isn't enough experience to make a lot of judgment around likelihood for pellets in the meat.

I personally don't complain about pellets in the meat, but I do often notice I waste a lot more meat from being "bloodshot". This typically refers to meat damaged by passing shot, so whether the pellet is still inside or not, I don't eat it - I find the cuprous taste of bloodshot meat to be off-putting.

Keep shooting small game with a shotgun, but give it a whirl with a rifle too. Both are very different types of hunting. You'll eventually find that you tend to get more game by being mobile and using a scattergun, but you'll also find that you ruin less meat with the rifle. Ups and downs to any choice.
@Nomercy448 true lol, I guess I will try using my .22 some this year and see how I do.
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Shotguns for rabbits (running) and head shots with rifles for squirrels (sitting).

Of course if you have a rifle and you see a sitting rabbit; by all means shoot him in the head.

It's hunting...................
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Originally Posted by leo new
another thing i like for squirrel is an air rifle. they make them now with 35# piston instead of the standard air chamber. i got a gamo last year and several thousand of rounds for well under $200.
way fun... more than enough for mr bushy tail.
you can get them in .22 or .177.
I bought a Benjamin air rifle at Cabella's for squirrel hunting this year. It will be my first time hunting with an air gun. This video convinced me to to give air guns a try:

It requires you to verify age due to the many, many headshots that he filmed. Good stuff, great slomo footage
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Don't know much about air rifle but I wouldn't use one my cousins son has one don't remember brand but made in Spain. .177 had to shot a opossum 3 times in the head point blank in a trap. It is very accurate at 15 yards. But wouldn't take it hunting I would stick with your shotgun and #6 shot.
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as far as small game goes, you wouldn't really "need" anything more.
they would make the perfect survival gun. endless squirrels, rabbits and birds...
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I prefer a .22 rifle. No kick and fun to shoot. I have used my 12 ga before while goose hunting for an opportunity shot at a squirrel and it ripped in half when I tried to skin it. (In fairness to the shotgun, I was using high brass steel T shot and was only about 15 feet from the squirrel. I don't own a 20 ga.)
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When I use a 12 ga I use the same remington ammo express long rang #6 shot. Aim for head not many pellets in rest of the body I use a full choke. That tight choke makes the pattern tight so most shot hits the head.
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22 rimfire = squirrels

scattergun = bunnies
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I like my Ruger 77-22 for both squirrel and rabbits. I can stroll into the woods and set down and with in a hour or so fill my daily limit using hollow points and taking head shots.
Don't hunt rabbits with a dog so taking it really slow thru cover and keeping a sharp eye many time see that shiny eye of the rabbit before it moves. That type of rabbit hunting sharpens the skill of still hunting deer.

But with the shortage of 22LR ammo becoming a problem for me I may end up going back to my old child hood hunting method which was a 20ga. with 7 1/2 shot. We always picked out any lead when we cleaned the game in my child hood. Not really all that hard to do.


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gander mountain had tons of cci 22lr recently, i stocked up while i could.
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