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What do you do?

Old 12-28-2010, 09:19 PM
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Default What do you do?

What do you do with a coyote, bobcat, etc. after you kill it. I am going to try to call in a coyote tommorrow(if so it would be my first one). If I get one I don't want to just drag it off somewhere and let the buzzards eat it. Also can you eat the meat? Any input os greatly appreciated.
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Old 12-29-2010, 01:05 AM
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You can skin it and tan the hide or sell the hide as for eating the meat I'm sure it's safe to eat but so is fluffy the cat... Good luck
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Not worth eating, that's for sure, besides the crows and buzzards need to eat to....and unfortunately, the worth of a coyote hide is very low, mostly because of the weak economy. You can skin it and have it tanned for a wall hanging for a reminider of your first, and maybe someday in the future, it will be worth more than the current market would pay.

The worth of coyote pelts does vary across the country. The colder regions up north have better quality pelts, and some color variations from back east may also bring better dollars. BUT for me, I've not been able to sell a pelt going on a 2nd season. BUT about 50% of the coyotes that I have been killing have had mange anyways, so they're obviously buzzard food anyways.

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Skin em,Tan em and then learn how to make hats(head optional but will bring more money in a hat)...If you have the time you can make more money then just bringing it into a Fur shop,this yr I have the time(layed off) so Iam going to give it a try and if its not my thing the shop is just a 15min ride away...
As far as eating them Hmmmmmm there are recipes out there for Yote........
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Thanks for all the input. I went out and called for about an hour and didn't see anything. I am not even sure if I am calling right.
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"BUT about 50% of the coyotes that I have been killing have had mange anyways...."

That bad really ?

I'm in SoCal and our pelts suck, but not that many with mange.

Hey kid - watch some youtube on how to call, etc.

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never heard of eating coyotes,but did see Fred Eichler and his wife eating a bobcat on their tv show they said they were very good table fare so you might try them,but the fur is about it for the coyotes I think that the other scavengers have to eat also so just discard their bodies after skinning and mother nature will dispose of them..
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Your best bet it to invest in a good electronic call. Unless you're very experienced using mouth calls is pretty tricky and the coyotes know it's not real. As for eating it....... When you finally get one and smell it you won't be eating it.
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Really don't think I'd eat a yote or even try it ! I enjoy doing my part getting the population down and thats what it's all about. Skinning and tanning them is part of the hunt for me. Yea it don't pay but it's good to learn how and passing down that skill to your kids is priceless!
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