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jecole360 12-07-2008 04:49 PM

live cage troubles
My brother in law has been using a live cage to try and trap coons but something has been eating the corn in the traps but not getting caught. I suggested wire tying the corn to the back of the cage so they cant pull it out which is what Ido and havehad great success with but he did that and said they still eat the corn without getting caught. I also suggested attaching some plexiglass to the sides of the cage because I figured it is squirrels getting in there and climbing the sides of the cage to get to the corn which is what I have seen them do before in my cages. He hasnt tried that yet but I wondered if anyone has had this problem and what they have done to fix it.

Baker63 12-07-2008 05:32 PM

RE: live cage troubles
It is probably birds or mice. I have had the same trouble before, mice are bad about eating mackeral and tuna out of the traps at night and never setting the trap off. Good luck with your trapping!

jecole360 12-07-2008 07:51 PM

RE: live cage troubles
Do you think peanut butter stuck to the trigger would work? Kinda like what you do for mice. I figure if it's a big enough animal then the weight of them pushing down on the trigger licking the peanut butter will set it off for sure. I heard coons like peanut butter too so I thought that would work.

Jome1 12-07-2008 08:32 PM

RE: live cage troubles
You could try to make the triggerif at all possible it makes a greater chance of hitting it.

jecole360 12-07-2008 09:11 PM

RE: live cage troubles


You could try to make the triggerif at all possible it makes a greater chance of hitting it.

drdi 12-08-2008 02:19 PM

RE: live cage troubles
I've gone to using mini marshmallows for bait. I put them as far into the trap as possible and oftena few will fall through the wire onto the ground underneath the trap. This makes the coon have to try and dig through the wire to get the bait and makes them come into the trap further. I also put a few minimarshmallows just outside the opening of the trap so they get a taste.

I used to use cat food, tuna, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, corn, etc. But since I switched to mini marshmallows, I rarely catch anything but raccoons (and a very occasional skunk). They seem to work the best for me.

Jome1 12-08-2008 09:56 PM

RE: live cage troubles
Ya or the pan i guess thats whatyou are talking about right?The thing they step on to trigger the trap door make it bigger if you can there will be a greater chance of them stepping on it. Sorry if i confused you.

yodeldog3 12-10-2008 07:18 PM

RE: live cage troubles
Try putting the bait under the pan, that seems to work for me. Then they need to lift the pan, that should trigger it also.

coyote#68 12-10-2008 07:30 PM

RE: live cage troubles
I have caught many in my live traps with tuna fish and grape jelly and like yodel dog said put some under the pan a coon is very curious and will fool around until he get's caught.You can work on your traps and change the angle off they release where it locks to hold the door open when the trap is set and make your trap have a hair trigger,you will sometimes catch birds or squirrels in them after you get them set up like this.good luck and good trapping.

kippchristen 12-11-2008 12:41 AM

RE: live cage troubles
Forget the corn use sardines or tuna somekind of fish, it seems to work better 4 me

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