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nickshepherd 12-01-2008 04:54 PM

trapping muskrat and mink
ive been wantin to do a lot more muskrat and mink trappin and havent really caught much. i have only been trapping for a year now but really want to start catching them regularly. I was wondering where do you guys like to trap for muskrat and mink and what kind of traps (sizes) do you use?

thanks a lot
it will be a great help

bigbucks98 12-02-2008 05:11 PM

RE: trapping muskrat and mink
Dried Creek Beds, Base of Hollow trees, small creeks
Creeks, Holes in the banks, etc.
Any smaller sized traps really...

mez 12-08-2008 08:57 PM

RE: trapping muskrat and mink
I trap my muskrats with blind sets on their feed beds. I use #1 jump traps and #1 long springs for the muskrats. I trap streams and rivers, have never trapped rats in their huts. On a stream or river you need to get in the water and walk next to the bank. Look for spots where the bank is undercut, in the undercuts there will be a pile of green vegetation, this is where the rats are feeding. They pull underwater vegetation and take it to these feed area. Place your trap right in the center of the feed pile and you are in business. You will catch mink in these sets as well.

For mink I like pocket sets around brush piles in creeks or rivers. I use mink lure above the pocket and bait the pocket with canned Mackeral from the store. I use a 1.5 offset coilspring at these sets as you are going to catch coon in them. Anyplace I find that is the width of a #110 conibear in a creek, channels on thebottom, holes in grass near the bank, holes into brush piles, etc., I blind set and catch a lot of mink and musktrats.

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