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A good yote gun?

Old 01-22-2008, 03:15 PM
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Default RE: A good yote gun?

Personally I like the .223 (AR-15) or similar,or even my .22 Magnum. But it also depends where you plan to hunt (wooded areas,large fields,etc) good luck
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Old 01-22-2008, 09:11 PM
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Default RE: A good yote gun?

I'm a new member, but I am the owner of Chads Guns & Ammo, LLC. I have been a hunter (of everything) for as far back as I can shoot. My Great grand dad was a gunsmith for 57 years. The gun of choice for four generations is a 22-250 built on a mauser action with a scope of choice. The one I have (put it together and did the work myself to accurize it) I have killed many yotes, deer, pigs, coons, skunks, etc... It is an all around caliber. Many are afriad or discourage this calibler for anything other than varmint gun. Here's more info: 22-250 is a 22 cal. bullet at 55 grains traveling between 3600 and 3800 feet per second. It has a flatter trajectory than a 270,30-06,25-06, or any other large calibre. It has a lot longer range than 223, 222, 220 swift, or any other smaller round. The closest round to it is the 223 and it travels between 3200 and 3600 feet per second. I have made accurate shots (I reload but also use factory rounds) from a bench rest, between 800 and 1000 yards (I have witnesses). With the 22-250, the bullet is traveling so fast that the bullet bores through a pigs skull like a knife through hot butter. The last hog I killed with it I shot in the head at 350 yards and it was right between the eyes - needless to say, one shot, one kill, period. The hog that I killed before that, I thought I missed because I heard the resounding "Ping" of hitting a metal fence post (holding down my feeder at about 150 yards away from where my blind is). I didn't see the pig move so I waited then checked it out. Turned out it was a dead on shot to the head just to the right of the left eye and just about level with the ear. The bullet punched through the steel post and still penetrated the 300 pound sows skull (that impressed even me - I was dumbfounded). Rounds are comparitive with the 223 and you get a LOT more range with it especially since you can get a longer barrel (than with the 223) and with the same rate of twist. If you would be interested in a low cost 22-250 shooter - Istill buildthem and at a price that is hard to beat (with the accuracy and range in consideration). I like to help out fellow hunters so if your interested just email meat: [email protected] I have more info on other calibers if you are interested in comparing (with book references and experts to call, actuall phone numbers).
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Default RE: A good yote gun?

chadsqnq the 22-250 does not have a longer range than the 220swift.. The 220swift is a faster round than the 22-250 and has more case capacity. The 223, 222, 220, 22-250 are all great coyote guns. What kind of bullet were you shooting when you shot through a metal fence post and still made a kill shot on a 300 pound sow through the skull, I sure need some of those!
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Default RE: A good yote gun?

Chadsqna, I also want to make a comment on the fact that you said "you can get alonger barrel than with the 223", If you build rifles you shoud know that you can get just about any lenght and rate of twist for any caliber you want. What "book references" are you getting your facts from?
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Default RE: A good yote gun?

Chadsqna what kind of 22-250 do you have? I dont think I have seen one yet that at 350 yards would go through a steel post and kill anything.That I would have to witness!!! And by the way your 22-250 is supassed by many rounds like the .220swift ,.223wssm to name a couple.You like your setup but becareful on here what you say there are alot of expeirenced hunters/gunsmiths they will uncover your miscues.
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Default RE: A good yote gun?

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