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deerhound243 11-29-2002 07:10 PM

coyote calling
I'm getting one of them Johnny Stewart Electronic callers out of cabelas for Christmas. The tapes that it comes with are the Coyote Locator,Baby Cottontail Distress, and Crow Reveille. I was wondering if the Baby Cottontail Distress would bring the coyotes in or if I need to get another tape. Based on the name I don't think that the coyote locator will bring the coyotes in or am I wrong? Thanks

Deleted User 11-30-2002 10:36 AM

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coyoteseeker 11-30-2002 06:50 PM

RE: coyote calling
both the cotton tail and locator tapes will work but the locator should be used for just what the name says "a locator" locate the pack with a locator tape then work them in with somthing else.there are alot of tapes that will work,bird distress this would include such birds as woodpecker and pheasant.rodent,pig,puppy,kitten,fawn deer distress also work.but don't rely souly on that elec caller,hand calls are more effective when used properly,and besides its more satisfying when one is harvested with a hand call.after all,you made the sound not some tape or cd.

Howler 12-03-2002 04:36 PM

RE: coyote calling
Hey, Superslugger, where the heck ya been. Have ya been giving the coyotes the "you know what" much yet this winter? We should try to hook up some weekend to do some calling. If you'd be up for that, let me know.

Deleted User 12-03-2002 07:09 PM

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