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coyote tips

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Default coyote tips

Im wanting to try to take a few coyotes theis winter on my farm, but Ive never had much luck hunting them. First Im in Missouri, and my land is almost all timbered, except for food plots, the biggest is maybe 2 acres, lots of clearcuts bordering our land. We have lots of coyotes around, I hear them almost every night howling and yipping. Ive been getting lots of yote pics on my game cam in one of my food plots, in the middle of the night, and three in particular that I get lots of pics of together, and the week before rifle season, I saw the trio three days in a row, but was bowhunting, the first time I saw them I lip squeaked and they came in to 10 yards, but my release broke at half draw so I missed. Year before last I shot a deer with my bow in the same spot, and saw it fall, I waited 30 minutes before getting down to retrieve it, and coyote had eaten over half of it in 45 minutes, and while I was looking at it, a group of three yotes came in wanting their deer back, one coming very close, and being very brave. Now is there something about coyotes traveling in 3s or is this a family group that calls my property home?? I went out in the snow last week, and every logging road I drove down on my 4 wheeler, had coyote tracks in it, usually multiple set of tracks.

Now how should I set up to try to take these yotes? And what should I try to call them with. I have tried to use an electronic caller but have only had one or two come to it in years of trying. I do have a moouth blown cottontail squealer, should I try it? Being in the timber am I wasting m time blowing a rabbit call? Does anyone make a squirrel in distress call? Would it work better? Im lost on how to hunt them in the timber, but really want to try to thin some of these critters out, especially the three I have seen, as one has lots of dark coloring on it, and s very pretty, big too. Sorry to go on and on, but any help will be appreciated.
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Default RE: coyote tips

I think you are answering your own questions. Congrats on having woodland landscapes with food plots. Yes, use your distress calls, they are a magnet for interested yotes. Try to set up an area where you can see the landscape fully, and where you can conceal easily and not downwind to your calls. Depending on the yotes, usually eearly morning is best, but I have taken many out here in Cali in the evening, usually in the summertime when there is longer days. Another way to lure them in is either a bait area or a moveable decoy, incorporated with your distressed calls.
I hunt in both timber areas, bluffs, and open range land. I enjoy stalking my hunts, especially in the timber areas. I my hunting preferences, I do not hunt coyote using a tree stand or blind. I hike the trails and track them, or when I am hunting in open range, I set up a spot with simple burlap for some concealment. Practice your calling, don't be stinky or make alot of movement, and be patient.
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Default RE: coyote tips

I would hunt them in the clearcuts that surround your property if you can get permission. Most folks in our great state of missouri will allow you to hunt coyotes even if they won't allow other types of hunting. Try a howler call as well as your rabbit squeller. The most important thing is not to get discouraged. If you are succesful 50% of the time you are doing exceptional. 1 in 10 setups is about average. Always hunt into the wind. try a decoy of some kind to peek there interest. I have used a gray sock on a low hanging limb to good effect as a decoy. A feather on a string hanging from a limb works wonders too. call for about ten minutes and if you don't get any action move to another spot. A turkey call is as effective as any in certain situations. The group of three are most likely litter mates.
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Default RE: coyote tips

Don't over look using a fawn bleat, if they are hunting deer in the area! Play the wind and use it to make them go into your open areas to get down wind of you. With the area being heavily wooded, I'd stay put at least 20 minutes and when you move to your next set, you might only need to move 200 or 300 yards because the sounds you make won't be heard far in the heavy woods, especially if there is any wind blowing. I'd carry a shotgun loaded with 4 buck, since it sounds like when you see them they won't be far from ya, and the shots will probably be quick!
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Default RE: coyote tips

Try sitting so that the yotes can't approch from behind you and the wind blowing on your back. The yotes will circle and come in from downwind looking for a scent. If you are faceing into the wind, they will smell you and you will never know that they were around.
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