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Coyote Hunting Survey

Old 12-08-2005, 07:49 PM
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Default Coyote Hunting Survey

After reading some of the discussions on here, I'd like to do an unscientific experiment just for the fun of it. So here's ten questions:

1. Name your gun, caliber, scope, and ammo.

2. How many times a year do you call?

3. Hand or electronic calls?

4. When do you prefer to call? (i.e. night, early morning, late evening, etc.)

5. On average, what percentage of your setups are successful?

6. On setups that are successful, how many coyotes come in and how fast?

7. How long is your average shot?

8. Where do you aim, chest or head?

9. When successful, do you sell the hides?

10.How frequientlydoyou callup crittersother than coyotes?

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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

I'll start:

1. Browning Composite Stalker .223, topped with 3-9x40 Nikon Buckmaster, shooting Hornady V-Max moly bullets.

2. I used to get to call a lot, but now I'm lucky to call maybe 20days a year.

3. Hand. I normally use Circe, Lohman, and Burnham Bros. calls. I've got 15-20 calls to keep the coyotes from hearing the same one twice at any given time.

4. Since I normally hunt by myself, I prefer early morning/late evening. The critters are still fairly active, yet I don't have to balance a spotlight and shoot at the same time.

5. Last year, it was maybe 5-10%. A lot of this has to do with terrain.

6. When I get a response, it is normally two coyotes, and usually they respond within 5-7 minutes.

7. My average shot is somewhere between 20 and 40 yards. That is usually where they stop and try to get a little better direction on the rabbit.

8. I aim at the easiest shot that presents itself. Usually, it's the chest.

9. I have never sold a hide, mainly because the hides here are of very low quality for most of the year. About half the coyotes I shoot are mangy looking anyway.

10. I draw birds of preyatnearly every setup. Mostly red-tailed hawks, with a few owls at night. I've got a Russian aviator hat I use in cold weather that is fur lined. For some reason, owls like to dive at it at night. My most unusually critter was a mountiain lion. I didn't know we had them, and was suprised he would respond to a call. Since I hadn't seen one before, I just watched him and let him go.
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Old 12-08-2005, 08:27 PM
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. Browning 22-250 with 3 by 9 power scope

2.I call every weekend from November tell January 10th

3.hand calls only

4.Night early mornings or evenings

5.I am at 100% far calling animals in everytime but probably 70% for shooting lol coyotes can dodge bullets

6.Call in 1 or 2 in 5 minutes usually

7.100 yards to 500 yards I can shoot at 600 though

8.chest shot easier to hit

9.I sell hides and keep one a year

10. I call up bobcats every now and then somtimes even a mountian lion but not often at all
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Old 12-09-2005, 09:54 AM
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. Tikka T3 Varminter stainless in .308 cal., Leupold 4x12x40, my own loads with a Federal 165 grain Ballistic tip with IMR 4895 powder and charge of 41.

2. I call all year long. Every other year, we have a bumper crop of coyotes.

3. All hand calls. Primos coyote howler and some of my own handmade rabbit-jackrabbit calls.

4. Early morning is best for out here. In Summer, I can bag a couple right before dusk.

5. 65%. It really depends on the whereabout of those critters, but I do have a lot of success stories. My ranch centers on a old coyote run, and it carves into my families other ranch a mile away.

6. I have had 5 coyotes rain down on my decoy and calls at one time. Usually, I will get 1 to 2 coyotes come down, and I have had a lot of double kills with the other coyote coming back while I was using a hurt pup distress call. On a average hunt, it will take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the season.

7. Average shots hold at 145 yards. Longest is at 402 yards, shortest is under 20 yards with my compound bow.

8. Chest.

9. I keep all the hides if I decide to.

10. Not very often. I would have to say that the bobcats come around sometimes when I use the rabbit screams, but with the howler, only coyotes.
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1- AR-15 (BUSHY LOWER, MODEL 1 SALES UPPER), .223 cal, BSA ILLUM. MILL-DOT RATICLE, light force 170 predator light on scope,EITHER BLACKHILLS 60 GR v_max OR 77 GR MATCHKING
2- first year= 0 calls to date
3- both
4- i'll start hunting dawn and dusk 1st
questions 5-10 i'll let you now later
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. savage/remington 223 tasco worldclass handloads 55grbthp
2. 50+
3.hand calls
4.all of above
6. 2-3 bout 30 min
7. 125ish yrds
8. chest
10.45% of time
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1) 700 Rem. 22-250, Redfield Ultimate illumator 4x12x56, handloads topped with 50 gr. ballistic tips
2) 3 days a week, it's nice working 4 10's!!
3) Hand calls, prefer open reed
4) from dusk til dawn
5) maybe 25%
6) 1-3, usually from 1 to 20 minutes, often will have one show up early and will have another show up late in a set, even after a shot is fired!
7) around 100 yards
8) chest
9) sell them in the round
10) often mag pies, hawks, crows, owls, cows, come more often than coyotes
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. Savage .17 HMR, BSA Sweet 17 6x18x40, CCI's


3. Don't


5. About 4 a month (meaning some months I shoot none others I'll shoot about 10)

6.I don't set upI sit in stands all day long.

7.75 yds.

8. Head

9. No Keep them for myself!

10.I love crow hunting!
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Old 12-11-2005, 10:12 PM
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. Tikka, 22-250, Mueller illuminated scope, 52 grain Hornady V-Max.

2. About 25-days plus.

3. Mostly hand but some electronic.

4. Mostly at night.
5. It depends upon what you consider success. I can sucessfully call in about 60% or better on stands but the critters may be skiddish and wind me before I can get a shot off.

6. Usually one to two and they are cautious.

7.Night shots average about 125-yards.

8.Mostly between the illuminated eyes. If I can see a body, I'll make a chest shot.

9. No. They are mostly ragged looking desert yotes.

10.About 15% of the time.
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. Tikka T-3 Stainless, 243, Leupold VX-II 4-12x40. Hornady 75gr HPs, 44grs Win 760, CCI 200 primers, Rem Cases.

2. A bunch.

3. Open reed calls mainly. (Tally Ho's, Verminator Tweety, Syco Tweety, Thumper, Red Desert Howler). Circe calls as well.

4. Early in the morning, all day long, and evenings, as well as dark. So pretty much 24/7 hunter

5. Around my home 60%, West River SD 80%, Nebraska 85-90%

6. Anywhere from 1-6 depending on location.

7. Usually 100 yards or less, but have taken a coyote at 528 yards.

8. Aim wherever I get a good shot, Head or Body.

9. Sell all my hides if possible, might keep 1 or 2 a year an tan 'em for myself.

10.I've called in fox, owls, hawks, coons, rabbits, mule deer.
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