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Coyote Hunting Survey

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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. Remington 700 in 223, 221 FB, 22-250 or aruger 77/22hornet(depends on my mood). Scopes: Mostly leupold, some Weavers, one bushnell elite.Ammo: handloads. Bullets: Nosler BT, or Hornardy VMax
2. Maybe a dozen days a year
3. both types of calls
4. early or late. Mid day can be productive if its overcast and before a coldfront.
5. Depends on what you consider successful. 10 percent kills. 50% of the time we call coyotes but get busted one way or another.
6. generally 1 or 2. and they come in a hurry. They have to or I'm gone. I usually only stay at a setup for 30 minutes max.
7. 100 yards average. Longest 375, shortest 2 yards with a 45 acp.
8. chest
9. No, I skin the ones I want to keep.
10. Rarely. Once in a great while I will call in a bobcat. You can't use your howler if you want to call cats though. Only distressed game calls.

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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. I shoot a Savage .243 with a 6-24x50mm BSA Scope. I shoot what ever ammo I find that gets more bang for my buck. Usually 60-grn.

2. I call all winter when furs are good.

3. Both

4. Anytime coyotes are active.

5. I dunno

6. I have had three large coyotes come in at once.

7. As long as it needs to be.

8. With a .243 you have to aim at the chest. if you hit it in the hwead there wont be much left of it.

9. I have not sold any hides yet but once I get a lot I will probably sell some.

10. I do get a lot of foxes to come in when I use a smaller call such as an mouse squeaker.
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. Stevens 223 with tasco world clas 6-24x42

2. Anytime.

3. Preymaster Digital, and squeeker.

4. Morning and Evening except turkey season then evenings.

5. 100% We have foxes out the wazoo.

6. Foxes single, coyote mostly doubles.

7. 200yrds

8. Head

9. I don't sell them.

10. More foxes than anything but, coyote, possum, coon, mink, muskrat, nutria, skunk, fox, lynx, bobcat.
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. savage model 12 with stainless barrelin 308 lupy 4-12x40 165 grain Ballistic tip, benilli m1 shotgun with 00 buck, or my bow. depends how lucky i feel in the morning

2. call all year round

3. both but mostly hand cals

4. early morning and right before dark are best for me. havnt done much night hunting

5. depends on weapon being used but i think about 1 in 8 are succesfull

6. one or two, had 7 come in one time. about half and half on speed. some fast some slow.

7. again depens on weapon. any where from 8 yards to 370 yards

8. i like head shots, but if you like to watch them chase there tail a bit before they kill overhit them back a little in the chest(dont really do this)

9.some, some i tan my self

10.i have haddeer,coons,owls and one bobcat come in
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. Remington 700 223 Caliber, Nikon4.5 x 14 x 40
2. 60 days or more
3. Hand Calls 90% Electronic Calls 10%
4. Oklahoma Season Days only
5. 10%
6. 1 coyote 50% 2 coyotes 30% More 20%
7. 100-125 yards
8. Chest Rib Cage
9. Always
10. Often many bobcats, I make lots of cat sets
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

early morn.
7 outta 10
4 outta 10
60 to 100 yards
2 outta 10
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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. Savage American classic 22-250 topped with a 4-12x40mm bushnell sportsman. Handloads pushing a 50 grain nosler ballistic tip around 3,700 fps

2. couple dozen times atleast

3. blow calls and a mouse squeaker

4. anytime

5. 50% of the time

6. depends on the time of year usually a few juveniles or 1 or 2 adults.

7. 200 to 300 yards, try to keep my shots under 300 yards since beyond 300 a 22-250 begins to lose its super flat trajectory.

8. neck or body mass

9. When I can

10. a few times I had a bobcat come into range and once a mountain lion come into my setup but didnt have a tag for it so I passed.

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Default RE: Coyote Hunting Survey

1. Winchester Mod 70 Sporter Varmint .243, Redfield 5 Star 4x12x40,
Remington 80 gr PSP.

2. I try to go every other weekend.

3. Hand calls. Dan Thompson, Tally Ho, Randy Anderson Signature Series,
Knight and Hale, and a few Primos.

4. I prefer early morning.

5. Last year i ran around 40% - 50%.

6. I generally get singles which come in fast, very few doubles, and
only2 triples.

7. My average shot is with in 100 yards, longest 285 yards.

8. Chest

9. I save a few each year.

10. 10%-15%, no Bobcats yet, alot of Grey Fox.

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