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Default RE: Ethical hunting of squirrels?

the spot u described sounds like how me any my dad hunt...only if theres shooting lanes we dont hunt there...too open for us lol...the way we hunt a 50yd shot is long! most are about 20...sounds like the area was clear cut or is just all bush....our areas are usually clear cuts that grew up and we see atleast 5 big bucks a year back there not in season because they dont have to come out of htat brush so they arent deer!...them tree rats kinda bark at you...a real deep like weezie bark...if you walk slow looking and listening you will hear them barking before you see them usually...walk a bit farther in its direction and sit and wait...shoot him and maybe his friend or 2 and move 50-100yds or until you see or hear another or find an area they just HAVE to be in...good luck!

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Default RE: Ethical hunting of squirrels?

Hunting squirrels is a high point in my life. I was brought into the hunting world at 5 years old with my Dad and Uncle Roy, and today I am 52, and still get the squirrel fever every season. I have brought my son up the same way, at the same age and he is 30 and still go every season.
Now my opinon on any kind of hunting live aniamals, is if you are going to eat it, then if it is legal then take it. But dont ever just shoot an animal, and throw it away. That is a total waste of life.
Have you ever watched Ted Nugent on the outdoor channel on Tuesday night? Try it you might like it. He and his wife run the show, and I think he would roll over in his grave if he knew people just shoot animals for practice and then throw them away. Try a shooting range for Gods sake. Or go skeet shooting.
This is all my opinon I have on this topic
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Default RE: Ethical hunting of squirrels?

It is unethical.

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Default RE: Ethical hunting of squirrels?

I was reading a magazine that showed how to filet a squirrel and it looked pretty easy. I love the way squirrel tastes but really hated to clean them cause they're a bit tough. But with this filet method the mess is cut down to little to nothing. If you're going to shoot them that's fine but give them to someone who will eat them. Let those foxes and coyotes find their own food you don't need to help them.
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