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.270 Whitetail scope??

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.270 Whitetail scope??

Old 11-04-2009, 09:38 PM
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You get what you pay for....................remember !
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Old 11-05-2009, 06:46 AM
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I have boxes full of cheap scopes. I would really hate to total up all the money I have spent on cheap scopes over the years because I didn't have the money to buy quality. Well, I learned the hard way. In my opinion I will NOT buy another Bushnell product. Biggest pieces of crap I have ever owned and their warranty is the worst of any manufacuture I have ever seen. Always an excuse or some reason why it won't be covered. Had a pair of their binoculars that were bad they day they were purchased. They wanted more to fix them then they cost new. Both my brother and I had problems with them holding up the the recoil of our 30-06 and 300's.

Beg, borrow, plead any way you can to try and get a quality scope. My personal limit now days would probably be $300 as a minimum for a somewhat decent scope.

I think someone already mentioned....but if you can find one of the older Tasco World Class scopes that was made in Japan, they are decent for a good price. the newer Tasco WC scopes are not near as good as the old ones.
Burris has been mentioned...excellent scopes for the money as are the VXII Leupold. I would opt for the VXIII though. You will see a definite improvement in light gathering of the VXIII line and above though.

All my rifles and handguns these days have Burris, Leupold VXIII, or Ziess scopes on them. I would love to find a used Lieca scope they had made a few years ago. I love Lieca optics.

Maybe you can make it through this season with what you have then either find something on "season end sale" where they have things highly discounted due to hunting season over and the dealer won't be selling much more in the way of hunting stuff til next year. Better yet. Stick away $10 or more a week in a "scope fund" account. Use it for NOTHING else no matter what else comes up. By this time next year you will have quite a big stash to spend on the best optics out there. This is what I did once. I hate to say it but I have a Remington Sportsman 78 that I paid $185 for NIB that is the proverbial tack driver. Nothing special looking about the rifle thats for sure. But it has a Ziess scope mounted on it that costs more than 10 TIMES what I paid for the rifle. I could hunt at night with it...it is so good at light gathering. I was able to buy this scope because of what I previously suggested...I stuck away a few dollars every week until I was able to buy the best of the best. As you age you will find out that only the best optics will suffice.

Good Luck,
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Old 11-05-2009, 09:27 AM
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WWhunter, you just may be in luck. Leica is back in the scope market. Got an extra 2K laying around? LOL. You may also wish to check into the new (and improved) VX3 line that Leupy has replaced the VXIII with.
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Old 11-05-2009, 04:18 PM
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go to eabco.com and check there clearance prices on HAWKE SCOPES. they are one of the number one scopes in europe . i just bought 5 3-10x44 mildot rect with speed focus for 59.00 each. they are on a half price sale right now. they are very clear,one piece body construction and matt finish. they have 3-9x40's for 49.00 with regular fine recticle,mildot or map8 recticle which much like a milBallistic, Mildot, and Plex Reticle Blowout...
Hawke Endurance Riflescopes Closeout Priced from $49
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- Four Models of Ballistic Reticle Scopes WITH SOFTWARE...
- Four Models of Range Finding Mildot Reticle Scopes...
- Four Models of Popular 30/30 Plex Reticle Rifle Scopes...
- All Brand New and Under Full Hawke Warranty.
- See http://www.eabco.com/HawkeScopes02.html

Mail Date Oct 8th, 2009

Dear Subscriber,
Hawke Riflescopes is discontinuing the Endurance line of hunting
scopes and decided a really good closeout deal would bring a lot
of exposure to the excellent quality of ALL their scopes. These En-
durance scopes were a top quality bargain at their original retail prices
but closing them out now for only $49-$59... Well, they are a steal.
We figure many customers will buy several at a time for themselves as
well as for Christmas gifts. No one has to know how little you paid!
I don't know how fast these will sell out but the selection is best
for those who get their orders in early. Order direct from our website
at http://www.eabco.com/HawkeScopes02.html. Or call our toll free
order line weekdays at 800-950-9088.
Thank You for You Order,
Eben A. Brown, president
E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc
4088 County Road 40 NW, Garfield, MN 56332
[email protected] * FAX 320-834-3002 * Ph. 800-950-9088

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