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JoeA 07-01-2015 02:23 PM

Any bonefishers here?
Are any of you nuts into bonefish? I've got a bug to get one on the end of my fly rod and see how fast he gets into my backing. I'm flogging the flats near Bishop Point, at the mouth of Pearl Harbor with a 9' 9wt.

So far no bones, but I've had some fun with goatfish, triggerfish and small Blue-fin trevally (omilu or hoshi ulua in Hawaii). I've seen a few that look 18-20"+ tailing.

flags 05-05-2016 12:59 PM

Used to catch a lot of bones when I was stationed on Diego Garcia. The trick there was to hit them 20 min after high tide. As the tide slipped out they would start tailing all over the flats. Didn't have a fly rod so I used an ultra-light spinning rod with 4 lb line and small white jigs. I caught a lot about 24 inches long and the biggest i got was about 30. They are a very powerful fish. Silver rockets on after-burner.

olsaltydog 05-09-2016 03:54 AM

Have no idea how I missed this post. Yes I enjoy fishing the flats for both bonefish and permit but no fly rod for me. Always wanted to learn fly fishing, just never had the time to sit down with someone to get instruction. Slight difference between the Keys/ Bahamas and Hawaii but still a great fish to target and catch and release. If you get any post a pic, love seeing them and 90% of pics on the internet are from the places I mentioned, we need more Hawaiian pics of them.

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