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Lee Reloading kit

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Lee Reloading kit

Old 12-24-2004, 01:49 PM
Fork Horn
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Default RE: Lee Reloading kit

On the Lee dippers .... they measure in CC like was already stated. I use them but I use them to weigh each charge. They come with a chart so you look up your powder and desired charge I find the one closest to it and then pour it into the scale pan and then trickle up. I never use it to throw charges right into the case.
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Old 12-25-2004, 10:10 PM
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Default RE: Lee Reloading kit

I'm also looking to purchase the same system. What else should be purchased with this system, other then shell holder, dies, and case length gauge? Does new brass need to be tumbled? Does a lubber need to be purchased?
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Old 12-26-2004, 11:47 PM
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Default RE: Lee Reloading kit

I just bought the aniversary kit, I've been reloading since 1965. I currently own several other presses, a co-ax and a dillon 650. I bought the lee set-up for small runs of shells for a couple of rifles that I don't shoot that often. They require a change over for the co-ax shell holder and I don't have a conversion kit for the dillon.

You will get a complete assortment of shell holders for the auto prime that also comes with the kit,(the challenger press has NO MEANS of priming). Also included is a chamfer tool, a cutter and case spinner stud, and a primer pocket cleaner. As said, the scale is a little hard to work with, but will work if you want to fiddle with it. It's really quite accurate as a check for my RCBS electronic scale.

If you buy lee dies, you will get a shell holder with the dies. To trim you would need a trimmer pilot,(for the caliber you're loading), for the lee cutter that is supplied, the pilot comes with the correct shell holder as well.

I've only loaded a few rounds with it so far,(30-40 krag), but it works as advertized. Definetly get some sort of manual, it's imperitive to understand what goes into reloading. Lee writes a good manual, the man is a genius to figure out how to make inovative dies like the factory crimp die and the collet neck sizer. No one else has anything like it.
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Old 12-26-2004, 11:50 PM
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Default RE: Lee Reloading kit

This is a guide that I and some others on the NAHC forum came up with.


1. Do you have the patience to do detailed work away from distractions, (TV, Children, guests)?
2. Do you have a secure area that can be dedicated strictly to a loading bench?
3. Do you thoroughly understand what goes on inside a cartridge when you pull the trigger?
4. Are you mechanically inclined? In other words can you understand and follow instructions exactly, to make needed adjustments to equipment? Do know how to use measurement tools such as calipers and micrometers?
5. Read the front sections of several reloading manuals. I suggest one manual, printed by a company that sells reloading equipment AND bullets. The other one should be by a company that sells only powder. Case in point Hornady then Hodgdon. After reading and understanding the “HOW TO” section in those manuals, find someone who already loads to show you how and talk you through a box of shells. Better yet find a NRA Metallic/Shotshell Reloading instructor and take a basic reloading class. See links below for locating an instructor.
6. Never be in a hurry. If you are pressed for time, this is when a mistake will be made.
7. Do not under any circumstances smoke, eat or drink, especially alcoholic beverages. The reasons are obvious, but I’ll state them anyway. Smokeless powder burns at a very high temperature; it makes a dandy accelerant to start a fire. Drinking causes loss of motor skills and judgment.
8. Wash hands thoroughly when you are through. You are dealing with lead in many forms when handling bullets and primers.
9. Walk before you run. Buy a single stage press to start out with. The progressives are neat and useful when doing large quantities of ammo. You will always have uses for the single stage loader for special loads later.
10. Stay with the basics at first. The tools for neck turning, flash hole uniforming, primer pocket uniforming and checking concentricity will be useful after you get some experience.
11. To start with, stay in the mid-range of the suggested loads for medium power levels. Save the maximum loads for when you have more experience.
12. Buy the best equipment you can afford. It will last a lifetime; the cheap stuff will wear out and need replacing.
13. Have ONLY the bullets, powder, primers and empties on the table that you are loading at that time. Put everything away as soon as you are done, in a separate place.
14. The only stupid question is one that doesn’t get asked. If you’re not sure, ask somebody. Use common sense, logic is a great tool for a Reloader.
15. Maintain a log of all loads developed with the test results. Label all boxes with the load data and date of the load.
16. Every Step is an inspection point.
17. The last thing you do before the bullet goes in " Look in every case to verify the powder charge".

Links for Reloading help and instructors

http://www.sierrabullets.com/ Bullet company, very good ballistic support group.
http://www.speer-bullets.com Bullet company
http://www.nosler.com/ Bullet company
http://www.hornady.com/ Bullet company
http://www.barnesbullets.com Bullet company
http://www.hodgdon.com Powder company
http://www.lapua.com VihtaVuori Powders
http://www.bluepress.com Dillon Loaders
http://www.mayvl.com/ Mec loaders
http://ww.sinclairintl.com/ Precision Reloading and Shooting specialist
http://www.lymanproducts.com All Lyman Products.
http://www.shooting-hunting.com Great hunting and shooting site with list of instructors
http://www.mynra.com/ NRA with links to NRA certified instructors

Basic steps to reloading. This is a short edited version from the "NRA GUIDE TO RELOADING".

There are 17 steps of which most are for both rifle and pistol and one for pistol only. This is will mark with an * .
1. Inspect cases,
2. Clean Cases
3.Organize cases by batches
4.Select proper shell holder
5.Insert and set up sizing die
6. Lubricate cases
7.Resize and deprime cases
8. Measure case length
9.Trim cases
10 Deburr and Chamfering
11.Clean Primer Pocket
12.Expand Case mouth (*)
13.Prime Cases
14.Measure powder chargeand charge cases
15.Check powder charge in case
16.Seat bullet in case
17. Identify the reloaded cartridges (Mark the box etc.)
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Old 12-27-2004, 05:53 AM
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Default RE: Lee Reloading kit

Thanks folks, appreciate the info. I went to my favorite shooting/hunting supply store to to buy the Lee kit and they had sold the last two they had in stock!!!! It will be mid-Jan before he gets anymore in. I know I could get the same kit actually a little cheaper off the net, but I try to support my local supplier as long the $$ difference is not too much.
You're a much more patient man than I. The only places in my area that carry reloading equipment are overpirced, carry only popular dies like 308,30-06, and 30-30, and often times don't have stuff I need in stock. I don't even bother with going to a shop to buy items anymore, I buy everything from midwayusa.com www.midsouthshooterssupply.com and www.grafs.com

These places are often first tier retailers for reloading companies. If you call up Lyman and ask to buy something, they'll send you midsouth, Hornady brass is best bought at Graf's
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Old 12-27-2004, 07:30 PM
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Default RE: Lee Reloading kit

Ewolf...the kit comes with everything except a case length gauge + shellholder for the caliber you are gonna reload and the repective caliber dies.I strongly advise to get Lee modern Reloading manual,it`ll show you how to use the tools.Also when you order LEE dies go with the Deluxe Die set as it has a full length sizer + a Collet die for neck sizing which eventually you`ll want to neck size the cartridges for your favorie bolt rifle or single shot.Get the Factory Crimp die for that caliber also.

New brass should be full length sized but not tumbled.

The kit comes with a Lock Stud + Cutter.As mentioned above you gotta buy the Case length Guage and Shellholder for trimming,polishing,chamfering,and deburring.You screw the CL guage into the cutter,and the shellholder onto Lock stud.Then mount the Lock stud into an electric drill.As soon as the case comes out of the press you can trim,chamfer,deburr,and polish with steel wool in one step that takes about ten seconds.Nearly foolproof and easy.Just like JP4 said.


2.dies...deluxe set if possible
3.CL Guage + shellholder for that caliber
4.bullet of choice
5.bullet puller(looks like a plastic hammer)
6.Factory Crimp die
Go to your local shop and pick up the correct primer and powder combo AFTER reading manual and getting to know the equipment.It costs too much to have powder and primers shipped to you because of Haz-Mat fees.

The Kit comes with nearly every priming shellholder you`ll need.I did have to buy a #16 primer shellholder for 7.62x54R however for my beloved Mosin-Nagant rifles.Don`t hesitate to ask questions...it is the way to learn.Noone taught me....I learned from the manual and it was not hard at all.Just careful reading.

It is expensive at first but after initial investment it ain`t.For instance....I can load up 50 243win cases with a Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint 70gr bullet for a total of $15 easily.A box of factory ammo with the same bullet is nearly or over $20 a box.
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Old 12-30-2004, 09:55 PM
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Default RE: Lee Reloading kit

good kit. It's what i use. Just make sure you buy the dies i do use rcbs dies in mine buy the correct shellholder for the caliber you are loading and get a case length gauge so u can acheive the correct C.O.L. The scale is a little hard 2 adjust but it is accurate.
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Old 12-30-2004, 10:07 PM
Fork Horn
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Default RE: Lee Reloading kit

i bought one last year and really like it. it is a good starter kit, but you will be adding accessories.... Lee Anniversary kit
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Old 12-31-2004, 09:35 PM
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Default RE: Lee Reloading kit

I have the Lee kit. I like it alot. I started reloading with it. It has all the nessasary tools except dies and a case trimer.
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