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Reloading Share techniques for reloading, where to get the hottest in reloading equipment and learn how to reload from fellow hunters.

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Default 308 brass for 7mm-08 reloading?

I am going to get some reloading equipment soon. What would I need to use 308 brass to reload 7mm-08? Does the normal 7mm-08 die do this, I guess I assume not. I'm sure at first I will just reload my spent cases from factory ammo, just curious if I can eventually use cheaper 308 brass.
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Default RE: 308 brass for 7mm-08 reloading?

no problem camp, many times I used to make cases from a 308 for a 708 I had years ago. If you get picky youll want a case trimmer and keep everything silky but its not necessary. The only caution is when using military brass (7.62 NATO), it typically isnt as strong or as uniform as the best commercial stuff so keep your loads 1.5-2 grains less than the strongest recommended loads in your manuals.

To make the brass you simply run the 308 case thru the resizing die of your 708. There isnt much difference (.284 vs .308) so you wont need to worry about much reworking like say going from a 308 too a 243,
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Default RE: 308 brass for 7mm-08 reloading?

That's all I have ever used for my 7-08. I picked up a can of match military .308 cases years ago from a friend and use them only for my .08. I do run them through the trimmer before the first reload and cut them to 'trim length', but only so I'm starting out with all the same brass. I also have a .308 that I load for and I make sure I NEVER use match brass for the .308. That way I never have to worry about picking up the wrong ammo since there's no .308 or 7mm-08 headstamp.
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Default RE: 308 brass for 7mm-08 reloading?

I buy new un-primed brass,saves a lot of work...
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Default RE: 308 brass for 7mm-08 reloading?

I have done this before. But the brass is so cheap (compared to the other calibers I load for), I like the correct headstamps. Also, your necks might get a little thick. You can use the 7mm-08 FL dies. Just lube real well the necks, not shoulders
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