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bigcountry 09-21-2004 08:03 AM

RE: powder measure
Well crap, got to order another thing for my RCBS powder thrower now. Thanks Briman. Your the 3rd person that has said it. I always told myself, I don't mind trickling, but for 7 dollars, might be worth a try.

m.t.hands 09-21-2004 02:22 PM

RE: powder measure
hey highdesert, yea my rcbs measurer could go from accuracy load to high performance and down to base loading with one stoke of the handle[:-], plus i'm loading for 7 different rifles 40-100 rds. which really makes the dribbler time consuming, i'm loading for my uncle & two cousins, and my four different cals, anyway thanks again for the help everybody, my baffle will be here friday, and by the way highdesert, i don't think your being anal about the dribbler, if these were anything besides hunting rounds i'd still be using the dribbler, our longest shot around here will probably always be less than 300yrds, useally much less, again thanks for the help and good shootin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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