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Sweetroels 02-28-2022 05:48 AM

Pulling bullets and re-using primers and powder
I've been neck sizing my daughters 243 for a couple of years with lapua brass. this last time when I sized none of the reloads would chamber. All measurements are within standard. I pulled bullets and neck sized, same issue. When I did a full length resize it chambered. My questions are:
- Can I reuse primers (so hard to come by)
- Can I reuse powder, Same issue
- Will I have to full length resize every 3rd use of the brass and why wouldn't it fit if it formed to the chamber. The brass is good for about 6 rounds. It shoots so well when just neck sized.
Thanks for any feedback

hardcastonly 02-28-2022 06:07 AM

re-used powder should be fine(be damn sure you know what it is and don't mix two types)
primers left in cases, if you don't remove them and just resize the case ,should be fine
the neck size vs need to full length resize cases varies with the rifle, but yeah,
most times you'll find full length resizing may be required
I generally use cases lubed with a very light coat of Vaseline on the outer case as case lube
obviously you don't want primers soaked with lube
an ink pad with Vaseline , you roll the cases on, lightly works

Nomercy448 02-28-2022 07:48 AM

This is why we all stopped only neck-sizing in the 1990’s. Just stop. Full length size with 2-3 thou shoulder bump. No more, no less.

Yes, you will be fine to pull the bullets, resize the cases, and reload. Powder, primers, and bullets will all be fine. Pull your decapping pin so the primers can stay in place. Use an inertial bullet puller packed with foam ear plugs to prevent tip damage. If you have crimp on the current rounds, or if you have excessive neck tension, you may need to run a smaller neck bushing or smaller expander to properly grip the pull-down bullets, but usually there is no issue.

Sweetroels 02-28-2022 08:12 AM

Thanks guys, very helpful.

Nomercy448 02-28-2022 08:37 AM

Here’s about as much testimony as anyone should ever need to give up on only neck-sizing. These are some of the most progressive, most credentialed, most accomplished shooters in the world, competing in one of the most challenging and scrutinizing long range formats available… unilaterally, all of these folks recommend full length sizing.

Only neck-sizing promotes inconsistency, and allows for THIS experience you are having now.

Full length size every firing.

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