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You got a set of calipers? I'd like to know the inner diameter of the necks.
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.252 and .302 that's what I measured
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Originally Posted by BRUSE View Post
.252 and .302 that's what I measured
Yep, and the next time you see your buddy have him put those two rounds in his 30-06 and I guarantee they will fit his chamber! This essentially proves that you should never have more than one firearm and it's ammo on a bench. I saw this same thing happen last year at a range in Wyoming when a guy had a .270 and his 7mm mag on his bench along with the ammo for both and slipped a .270 into the wrong rifle. The noise was real loud when it went off and the bolt would not pull the round from the chamber. It took a couple pretty good impacts with a solid cleaning rod to get the case out and it was swollen and one side was ripped open. It could have been much worse, but the rifle was okay after close inspection and the guy was only visibly shaken up.

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I would surmise that your friend got quite a bit of blow by with that .25 cal bullet bouncing down the barrel. I too would be surprised if they hit the target.
Keep YOUR ammo with YOUR gun!
My friend and I were shooting high power and hunter silhouette matches simultaneously one day many years ago. We were both shooting 7mm-08s in the high power and .270 Wins in the hunter classes. I was spotting for him and when he was shooting at the turkeys his 4th shot hit about 150 yards short! When he opened the bolt on his Sako what originally looked like the .270 case split and separated at the base of the shoulder turned out to be a 7mm-08 case. He somehow managed to get a 7mm-08 round in his pocket along with the .270s. He was very lucky the rifle didn't blow up on him trying to send .284" bullet down a .277" bore! All it did to the Sako was blow off the extractor.

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