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bhtc53 02-06-2016 07:01 AM

Barnes ttsx 110 in the 30-06
Ok I'm going to try to load some of these this spring when I get some time. One reason I just inherited a eddystone p17 that was my great grandpa's. Been shooting some 110 vmax that shoot ok. Just wondering if anyone has loaded up any of these and if anyone had any starting loads from Barnes they would be willing to share? Their web site only shows down to 130s. I took their info on the 150 ttsx and tsx for my rem 700 '06 and their c.o.a.l works excellent in my 700. Just kinda wanted their opinion on a starting point. I figure on doing the .05 off the lands. I will also be using h4895. Not looking for a speed demon just thinking I could make a load to kind of match 25-06 performance. Thanks for your info and opinions.

bhtc53 02-06-2016 02:07 PM

Also if anyone has any of the old federal loads in the 30-06 110gr ttsx if they could give me a c.o.a.l that would be awesome. They get great reviews seem to work pretty good.

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