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Originally Posted by jerry d
I remember reading on this site guys liked Sierra Gamekings in 85g just dont remember what powder they were using

I posted about those one time and I was using a mild load of IMR 4064.Also was loading with a Lee I think load all (The one where you beat the bullet together with a hammer......LOL)would put hole in hole out of a bone stock Rem.Model 788.with the .243 shot placement is more critical than most but if you back bone 'em or neck shoot them you should not have to look very far for them.......JMHO
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Remington CoreLokts and Speer Hot Core bullets have worked well in the 243 for me. Shots have been anywhere from 30 to 150 yards and the bullets have done their job like intended. For close up shots I cannot see spending more than needed to kill a deer.
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Originally Posted by Pawildman
I shoot the Sierra HPBT 85 gr. in my .243's. They seem to like IMR 4350 powder the best.
Same here, I load the 85HPBT with either H4350 or V100, around 3175fps and 1/2moa at 100 yards and 1moa at 200 yards with just a 3x9 scope. I also have a 270 and 06, I find the 243 will DRT just as well. Remember shot placement is number 1, and my 243 is the most pleasant to shoot and most accurate rifle. A lot my hunting buddies shoot the 300mag and 7mag and track a lot of deer because of bad shot placement. I like high shoulder shots that 95% of the time are DRT.
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If you reload there aint nothing wrong with the old Hornady 100 gr Interlock. I've killed a lot of deer, and most were DRT, with this bullet and pushed by 40.5 gr of IMR4350.
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I use an 87 gr Hornady VMax bullet and 44 gr IMR 4831 on my 243. I shot a doe with that load this year. She didn't take a step and was dead before she hit the ground! Shot went clean through. Hit the heart. Works great for me!
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I have been using the 85 grain BTHP from Federal Premium for years. Great little round. I do reload but have not started on the 243 yet.
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I would avoid the 100 gr Game king . We took a couple of mulies with them ,had they not been heart shot I believe we'd have trailed them much more than 50 yds. In both cases 3 shots they just penciled through.
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i agree with 7mmxbolt, stay away from the shoulder shot if all possible. quiet a few guys here use the 243 win with 70gr nosler btip, 44 grs of varget. very devastating on deer. if a bullet passes through, you loose shocking power. the 70gr btip stays in the animal, deer absorbs all of the energy. we use the 243wssm case with the btip 70grainers. neck shot, neck shot, neck shot. hit 'em in the base of the neck. they can't die any faster. no trailing. small hole in, NO HOLE OUT. we killed everything from does to several 300lbs 200"+ bucks with it. from 7yrds to 311yrds. pics with proof, just my opinion.

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