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Can somebody with a Serria reloding book look something up please. >

Can somebody with a Serria reloding book look something up please.

Reloading Share techniques for reloading, where to get the hottest in reloading equipment and learn how to reload from fellow hunters.

Can somebody with a Serria reloding book look something up please.

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Folks, consider this, I neck size most of my reloads. That means they are formed to my chamber. If you can take a piece of brass and insert it and remove it fine in a chamber, then fire it and have trouble removing, this means your hitting pressure signs. Not that your chamber is too tight.

Most likely, your jamming your bullet into the lands. Take time and find out the proper distance to your lands. Don't take shortcuts, dangerous game your playing.

Originally Posted by Mr. Deer Hunter View Post
I have the same problem with my Browning Pump Rifle in .300 Winchester Magnum.

The base expands about .0015

The factory stock rounds goes in and out with no issues, the reloads will not chamber.

I went to two gun shops and took the die's back one time and traded them for used ones - didn't know that they were used until I brought them home. Anywho - none of my reloads will chamber and I am going to have to order a second set of dies.

One other trick a old timer showed me is to put soot on the bullet and then chamber it and look to see if there is any marks on the bullet.

Check the head space by putting the bullet into the barrel with your finger and push it forwards as far as it will go and then close the bolt and take a measurement and then push the round back with a ram rod and take another measurement from the top of the barrel down to the shell. It takes a depth mic to do it and a precision rod of the correct length and size not to damage the bore.

That is how a real gunsmith checks it.
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Originally Posted by bigcountry View Post
Thats not headspace, thats distance to the lands.

........ THAT made me chucke out loud........
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It shot great, was very consistant. 15 more rounds and it will be broken in and ready to work up some loads. Thanks for the help.
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If your having trouble chambering reloads. I would think that you haven't got your re-sizing die adjusted properly. Follow the steps in your reloading manual.

To measure the oal length of a shell and bullet combo put the bullet (just the bullet not a cartridge), into the rifle and hold it in with a pencil against the lands. carefully insert a cleaning rod down the bore from the muzzle. You may need some help. mark the rod at the muzzle. Next remove the bullet, close the bolt and insert the rod until it touches the bold face. Mark the rod at the muzzle. measure the distance between the two marks that would be the maximum OAL for that bullet in your gun.
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I can't add anything now...but I just received my new loading book from www.americangunnery.com and I'll give my opinion soon. I have a Dillon Press thats ready to go in this same caliber.
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