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Pros & Cons of Cast Bullets

Reloading Share techniques for reloading, where to get the hottest in reloading equipment and learn how to reload from fellow hunters.

Pros & Cons of Cast Bullets

Old 01-06-2010, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by bigcountry
My wife usually does not get involved with my giggles, but she made a big stink out of me casting. We got a new baby in the house and all. I don't know. I can't imagine its that bad.
You definitely don't want to expose your little one to lead. Lead poisoning is far more harmful to the developing brain and nervous system of a child than it is to adults. It's not good either way, though. Molten lead will give off small amounts of fumes even well below the vaporization point. I'd strongly recommend that any activity involving molten lead be done outdoors or in a fume hood. It wouldn't be a bad idea to wear a respirator (a dust mask isn't adequate to stop lead vapors). Also, anything that comes into contact with the lead should be kept away from others and NEVER be used for anything other than molten lead handling EVER AGAIN. So if you use a sauce pan and metal spoon to melt lead, they should never be used for food ever again. It's also an extremely good idea to thoroughly wash your hands (or shower) and change clothes before doing anything else like eating, and most certainly before holding your baby. It's just not worth the risk of lead contamination and poisoning. Be careful with heavy metals, folks.

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Originally Posted by Centaur 1
You need to do this outside. I haven't done my own bullets yet, but I have an electric melting pot for making fishing sinkers. You have to resist the temptation to do it in the garage with the door down. I know that it's natural to be bored this time of year when it's freezing outside, but don't do it without ventilation.
yeah, Ive always done it outside, but some of the WWs were dirty as hell, and the smoke and fumes coming off the ladle were pretty strong. made me feel uneasy, so I quit doing it for now. If I ever get a 45-70, or a big bore handgun, Id like to load cast lead but Im thinking I might just buy em.
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Old 01-09-2010, 08:47 AM
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Yes I shoot quite a bit about 3-3500 rounds a year . it took me quite a lot of shooting to figure out the rifles . the pistols came easy though .
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