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Default Imr4320

Just wondering why I seldom see references to IMR4320 on the various boards. I have used it for at least 40 years in .220 Swift, .22-250, .243, and even .270 Win (although I prefer 4350 in .270). It meters very accurately, and it's speed seems to be appropriate for a large number of calibers.
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I had some left in a can while back and tried it with the hornady 130 SP and it did pretty good.
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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner View Post
I always preferred IMR 4831 in cases that size, the 4350 is great in the 243 giving good accuracy and velocity.
Yea, i agree ridge, every time i work up loads with both the 4831 always gives me at least 25-30 fps more and groups just as well. Every 06 case gun that i load for gets 4831 except my rem 760 in 30-06. fot some reason my pump likes the 4350 better.
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My 308 likes it a lot....other than that dont use much of it..
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I've had excellent results with it in medium capacity cases with medium weight bullets...Notably, the 7mm08 and 7x57 with 140 grain bullets....

It's a classic powder in the .308 with 150 or 165 grain bullets...
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Herman, Ridge,
My old .270, which will stay under 1" with any load I have tried, also really likes 4320 and 130 gr Hornady or Speer. But, I find that I get at least 100 fps more velocity with fewer pressure signs with 4350. It shoots well with 4831 also (I have never seen a .270 that didn't), but the load i use with 4831 fills the cases brim full, and is a PITA to seat bullets. Jack O'Connor once told me that he used 62 gr. 4831 with 130's, but I have no idea how he got that much into a case.

My farm beater, a Howa 1500 .243 has a POS tupperware stock that has had the forend tip shimmed with business cards (an old BR trick), will usually stay around .5" for 3 shots with 4320 and 100 or 85 gr. Sierras.

Although I used very mild loads for competitive bench rest shooting and chuck hunting, my big game hunting loads have always been loaded hot. They would be over max in the current manuals, but were listed around max in the '50's-60's manuals. But that's me, I definitely do not recommend it.

Back in the '60's, when the government was making noises about controlling components, I laid in a very large supply of powder, bullets and cases. I recently used up the last of my 4831 (less then $1 a pound), I am now using up the last of my 4320, 4064 and 4198 ($4 a pound). I recently purchased some 4350 and i shake as I think of the price i paid.
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