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Best bullet

Old 04-14-2006, 08:40 PM
Nontypical Buck
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Default Best bullet

I'm reloading for 300wsm and 300 Win MagAnyhow I've read hear that some people say that you need to find the right bullet for best accuracy... Right now I'm using 180Ballistic Silvertips and 180Nosler ballistic Tip...

Any sugestions
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Old 04-14-2006, 08:57 PM
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Default RE: Best bullet

The ballistic tips have been as accurate as any other bullet in my rifles.However,I have found that bullet weight and powder are just as accurate.How many bullet weights and how many powders have you tried?I have also found that the tsx has also been very accurate in my rifles,but only in certain bullet weights.
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Default RE: Best bullet

If you want accuracy shoot Sierra's but if you are shooting game at maginum velocitys you'll be better off with a bonded core bullet. Hornady SST's seem very acurate also and I think they are available in a bonded core also. is offline  
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Default RE: Best bullet

Trial and error is the only way, this leads to experience and shortens the list. First thing I do is pick the bullets suited for the application then start down the list until I find whatI am looking for. You should always research the design of a bullet and how it is intended to be used - this also narrows down your list somewhat. I start development with one bullet and grain sizes I feel fits best. I then work through powder combinations starting out with 2gr increments up to a cross referenced max load for each powder. Promising loads get ear marked and fine tuned by 1 and .5 grains till I determine the best load. I start with suggested or past experience in regards to primers for the test loads. Once I find a load I may switch primers to see if their is any differences. Only change 1 component at a time and record your findings, this make thing a lot simpler.

Accuracy is realitive to the individual, so what might be good for me may not be acceptable for you or vice versa.

As far as the ballistic tips I as well have found them extremely accurate in my rifles. They have performed very well in the field for me and my application.

No easy answer to the best bullet question, you'll have to find what you think will work best and then try them.Or ask for comments from others with more specifics included.
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Old 04-16-2006, 08:15 PM
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Default RE: Best bullet

Swift A-Frames and Northforks are also very accurate bullets for a hunting rifle.
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Old 04-18-2006, 03:26 PM
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Default RE: Best bullet

Nosler accubonds of course!

300 yard group from my SAKO 75 300 RUM. 200 gr ab at 3170 fps. .675"/300 yds

Northforks and A-frames are nice but might as well launch cast bullets (low bc)!
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Default RE: Best bullet

I like Speer and Seirra bullets myself but it all depends on what your rifle likes. I have a 7mm rem mag that I found what it likes and now i'm getting .70" groups when ever I do my part, and the gun is old as sh!t.
I myself dont like the BT's by nosler. My son shot a antelope at 140 yrds witha 243 moving at about 3000FPS and the bullet came apart on a rib bone. Killed the antelope but found the bullet jacket onlyin its neck when he hit it in the heart lungs area. Good luck Jovan
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Default RE: Best bullet

I think you already have the right bullets. Depends what you are shooting at though. For deer no need for any kind of bonded stuff but for elks and morethey're something to consider.

Ive always had my best luck with Nosler Bt's and Sierra bullets of all kinds.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Best bullet


Nosler accubonds of course!
I'll throw another punch for Nosler Accubonds, they have become my favorite bullet. They are very accurate in my rifles and perform excellent on game.

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