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bigcountry 02-28-2006 05:41 AM

FL Size and Neck size sep. operations?
How many of you fellers take your expander out and size and then put it back in to expand from the top?

I have been doing it for about 2 years. I read about it and did some experiements. I measured theshoulders after FL sizing with it as seperate operation and your typical combo operation. I found the operation of draggin the expander ball back up thru sometimes pulled the shoudlers, and sometimes not. But pushing it thru without resizing the neck again (by full stroke) eliminated the problem.

Roskoe 02-28-2006 12:04 PM

RE: FL Size and Neck size sep. operations?
A number of years ago, a local guy had me make him a neck expander mandrel to neck a .308 up to .338. I put a one degreee taper on the mandrel to bring the neck up to full diameter. After polishing and heat treating, this worked sowell I made it a standard step in the reloading operation of all calibers.

bronko22000 03-01-2006 07:43 PM

RE: FL Size and Neck size sep. operations?
Bigcountry, I follow what you're saying and I've noticed on occasion if the inside of my cases are not lubed sufficiently, I feel more resistance when backing the case out of the die which couldpull the shoulder out slightly.
But, on the other hand, this should happen even if it was done as a separate operation and the inside of the neck wasn't lubed.
With the expander plug in its proper position, along with the decapping pin it is performing the expansion of the neck as it is being withdrawn from the die, after the rest of the case has been resized at the top of the stroke.
So it is already doing this as a separate operation by design???

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