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Word of The Day The Just Shall Live By Faith

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Word of The Day The Just Shall Live By Faith

Old 07-18-2019, 09:20 PM
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Default Word of The Day The Just Shall Live By Faith

In the early church some of the Jews were wanting us Gentiles to keep the law just like the Jews...this was a good point ..a good question..Until Peter through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost steps up ..I'll paraphrase it..Acts 15 ; 5- 20

Peter says why are you trying to put a yoke of bondage on the Gentiles that our forefathers couldn't keep..God has decided to purify their hearts by FAITH..in Christ Jesus...BUT they are to keep 4 laws and in Galations he adds one more...So here are the 5 laws we must keep..verse 20

1. No Sex Sins...especially homosexual stuff...the reason why we are being judged,,,and harsher judgement will fall on America,,Country has gone nuts
2. Don't eat things strangled...the blood wasn't drained..
3. Don't eat blood { I put my deer meat in salt water for about 10 minutes before freezing...and cook steaks on the grill
4, Don't worship idols..anything you put before reading your Bibles...TV and I Phones,,,can be huge idols..People can't keep their eyes off either..
5 Remember the poor..bless the poor and the widows...Old and New Testament has always been of utmost importance to God..James 1;27

Did you see tithing in that list? I didn't either..Paul gives instructions on giving...It's let every man gives as he's purposed in his own heart...Don't let any pastor put a condomnation trip on you...He can only do that to those who don't know their Bibles,.Bring Acts 15;20 to his mind...We are to support our pastor...but tithing is a bill..you can't buy your salvation...It was already bought...by Jesus on the cross..I preach to the poor..most are living on 740. a month,,I take no offerings...

Where does faith come from ...Romans 10;17 Now faith cometh by hearing and hearing the Word of God..It comes from daily reading your Bibles...and eventually you will hear the Word speaking to you...Galations calls that the hearing of faith,,,and as you obey..that completes the process SALVATION,,,Reading your Bibles is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT

Satan knows that and has put a phone in everybodies hand...or something to keep you so occupied that you don't have time for the most important thing...the reason I try and leave my phone in my truck..you need to own your phone and the phone not own you,,We all have many firearms but we don't play with them all the time..

God bless.amd please read your Bibles...it honors and pleases God..and builds your faith..which is mandatory for all Christians.

Blessings C7

and get a hard copy...your Bible app is too close to the other apps....Get away my friends..and KNOW HIM...your real Father.IN the deer stand I generally read 10 chapters before coming out of the stand. It keeps me motionless and quiet..While fishing I have my Bible propped open and memorize scripture...many big fish were caught as I was verbally quoting scriptures.."Blessed is the man." lol I;ve memorized lots of the Word...BIBLE reading is the only way to know God..as John wrote..These were written that ye might know HIm. Don't be part of the group of "Beleivers " in Matthew 7 when Jesus says Depart from me..I didn't know you."
Ronans 1 ;17 The Just shall live by Faith.

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